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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes waiting is so much worthy

Yeah, that's what I had learnt yesterday..
If u have read my old blog, u know that I wanted to get Laura Geller Spackle and NARS. It's in my wishlist.
But..finally I ordered Laura Geller Spakle and NARS blusher.
What is the excitement ? I got usd 5 birthday n Rm 14.99 rebate from Ryan for Laura Geller Spackle, which made it became so cheap. I was blessed bcoz I received an email about beauty.com sale and I told Ryan. Guess what ? He used the discount for 1st batch, including my Laura Geller Spackle, which became cheaper. The price was RM 108 something, become only RM 95 I think. Then, I asked if I could add my order for NARS blusher, as beauty.com had 20% sales. He said that I couldn't.
The discount had limitation, son he only could accept order max usd 280 before discount. A bit disspointed, but well nvm, I still ordered NARS in Dolce Vita. NARS blush is one of the products of the month, so it's cheaper.
This month is a really lucky and blessing month for me. Thanks God for the gifts =) U want to know why ? Beauty.com has another sale on this Wednesday, which affected to my NARS blush, from RM 112 to RM 95. I was so excited. Soon I knew it, I added another 2 blushers, Torrid and Cactus Flower.
I was happy and I could not wait to get all of those stuffs. I am still celebrating my birthday, so this is my second haul for my birthday =)
Now I learnt that, no need to hurry to get something. Sooner or later u will get it and sometimes, in a better condition, which means discount n currency has decreased =) I always in hurry when I want to get something, too impulsive.
I am waiting another sales to come. I hope NARScosmetics.com will have sale too, as I can't get Amour and Outlaw from beauty.com.
Cheers and have a nice day everyone =) Do not forget to spread all happiness to people around u =)

p/s : I am not sure if sellers from forum that I join read my blog, but I got lots of pm, where they offer what they sale. Even another forumer who has Korea or US will promote the spree they have. Honestly, I am flaterred. I am sure will browse to anyone who offer me anything. But for US Spree, for sure I will stick to Ryan. One bad experience with another forumer is enough for me =)