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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chanel Mat Lumiere review

Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, a birthday gift that I gave to myself. It was my happiest moment as I got myself Chanel. This foundation is the cheapest among all Chanel foundation. I bought this one because 2 SA had suggested to get this one for my combination skin.

I was planning to get Vitalumiere, as I love the texture, not too thick and easy to blend. But, it was too expensive and the SA said it's more suitable for mature and dry skin. Second choice was Teint Innocence, the second best seller after Vitalumiere, I had no idea why I didn't take this one. As for the price, only RM 4 more expensive than Mat Lumiere. I think because of the texture, it's quite thick.

I read that Mat Lumiere suitable for oily skin, while combination like mine, better get Teint Innocence. Well, I will buy it next time. So, here's my review for Mat Lumiere.

First time I used it was exactly on my birthday and ended with dissapointment. My skin got oilier than usual. The texture, I like it and easy to blend. But after that, it's cakey. Finally, today I gave another chance for Mat Lumiere which look better, not too oily and cakey. I think it was because of the primer. Today I used Bare Escentuals Prime Time, while on my birthday I used Le Blanc De Chanel, new makeup base from Chanel. Lastly, this foundation can stand for long time.

So I think I will keep this foundation. I am still looking for my HG for foundation that have good coverage, easy to blend, not too thick texture, long lasting and good oil control. Have u found ur HG foundation ? Maybe u can give me some suggestion =)