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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am touched !

I got this from vonvon =)
This award as appreciation to someone that u think inspired u and friendly. Wow ! Thanks vonvon =)
While me, I will give this award to all beauty bloggers as they are really inspiring =) Since read review about makeup, I become more critical with my makeup. Not just something that I put on my face, but have to see and feel if it suits me, good quality and worth to buy.
And finally I am out of my comfort zone, I am planning to order eyeshadow together with the primer with Ryan =) I think I want to order from Revlon, want do u think ?
Yeah I bite my own tongue, as in previous post I said that I don't want to buy anything from Ulta n Drugstore.
So what ? It's good think, right ?
I want to be good in makeup or maybe excellent ! Lol.
I really love makeup so much, it's my therapy and always work !
Tomorrow is my birthday n it's the time to reveal all my birthday hauls.
Stay tune =)