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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday gifts from US spree

Phew...finally I got this package, even though I had to take it at the post office.

I hate it. It wastes my time -.-'
What I got for US Spree is not as many as usual, because I was afraid I don't have any money for urgent needs. Now I want to save money, but seems like so many things are tempting >.<
So, here it is, my US Spree

Bare Escentuals Prime Time
NYX Round Lipstick in B52 and Tea Rose
At least, now I have another item (lipstick) else than foundation and makeup base, Lol.
I bought the BE Prime Time, as I read from Sephora, they are best seller for primer. It was a good time to buy, because Ulta had 15% discount last month. I was surprised to see how small the size, but it's 30 ml though, standard quantity. If less than that, I would think that the primer is expensive =( But sad, the box suffered from damage. Maybe u find it weird, but all my makeup stuffs still in the packaging box. Kinda obsessive compulsive, huh ? :p
Anyway, I have one question, if u can have one of my gifts, which one will u choose ?
That's all for today. Happy weekend =)