Welcome to my blog =) I hope you enjoy read my thought and sharing with you. Really appreciate for those who give comment or response. Thank you.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Projects

Start tomorrow, 30 June 2009 I will have projects for my own.
First will be a project where I need to save my money for 3 weeks until I come back to Malaysia. Means, no haul for a month if I count since last week. Sigh..It's kinda hard, but I have to survive >.< I will not shop any clothes or makeup. Instead, I will use all the makeup that I have now. Some of them haven't been used by me yet.
The second project will be lose weight project. I gained 9 kgs in a year -.-' My goal will be 50 kgs.
What I will do :

  • Drink more mineral water
  • Cut junk food and sweets
  • Light exercise like walking and sit up
  • Very light breakfast and dinner
  • Healthy lunch ;)
Deadline will be 17 Oct 2009 when my sister is getting married ;)
Hope u all can support me =) Suggestion is very welcome =)

Meri L

I'm in love

picture credits to bellasugar.com

First time I tried bronzer was when Stephen taught me how to use it. Since that, I am in love with bronzer ^^ So far I only have 2 pcs from MAC Style Warrior, Solar Riche and Refined Golden. I am planning to get more. As u can see from the picture, all the bronzers look so pretty and how tempted. I wish to get all. But, I can't find here (Indonesia) T.T Makeup products here are so damn boring and sucks. Almost a week I'm here, but I didn't get anything for me. My makup stuffs still remain the same. Booo. A hell no for makeup lover not to shop even only for a week, LOL.

Btw, what is ur favourite bronzer that u have ? Do share with me ;)

Meri L

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Home ! Yee pee !

Hi everybody ! Sorry these 3 days no updates from me. I was in Genting on Tuesday and Wednesday. And here's I am, at home, Indonesia !
I was stuck in the car for 2,5 hours bcoz traffic jam ! Sigh..Indonesia is famous for that.
When I just reached home, I met mom and after that we had long chat. I am happy. Usually I am afraid to talk with her. She's a bit changed this year, that's why we are getting further. Well, I hope our relationship is getting better.
Oh well, lets talk about makeup. I haven't go to any shopping mall yet, but I check from the magazine. The currency that I used is RM 1 = Rp 3,000.
Some of them come cheaper here, here's a price list :
YSL Touche Eclat = RM 100
MUFE HD Foundation = RM 125
MUFE HD Primer = RM 105
Anna Sui Pressed Powder = RM 122
MAC Strobe Cream = RM 143
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler = RM 62.67
Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher = RM 72.67
PAC Eye Shadow Powder = RM 19.17

MAC, Shu Uemura and Etude House I think it's more expensive in Indonesia. So I will indulge myself with other brand that might be cheaper here. I want to get Lunasol, MUFE, Paul and Joe and PAC. My sister and my bf are busy, they can't company me =(
I can't wait to shop ! My bf said that he wanted to buy me present for my birthday gift. Of course Im gonna use it for makeup :D
What's ur shopping list ? Share with me =)

Meri L

Monday, June 22, 2009

I am so tired, stress mode is on

As u know, I sell some of my stuffs and there's a girl who urgently needed to get moisturizer that I had. She asked for discount, then I gave her RM 5 cheaper. Then we had our deal. I sent it to her and she received 2 days ago.
But she complained, as the size is only 7ml. While that time she asked me, I said 15 ml. I said so because that's what I seen from the note at the bottom of the jar.
She said no, it's 7 ml. I said sorry, it was my mistaken.
She said that this problem can't be solved with a sorry.
I was like..? To be honest, for me it's a simple problem and if someone did it to me I will just forgive her. I didn't try to cheat at all. But she made the problem become so complicated.
She asked for refund and will send it back to me.
I said can't refund as once good sold, no refund or cancellation.
And other thing is, as I know she really need it. That's why I sent it immediately after she did the payment. How can u ask for refund if u really need it ?
Maybe she ady got the original size from her sister. She asked her sister to buy for her in Hong Kong.
So finally she said to search what the price for 7ml in market was. I said why don't just give u discount for next purchase. She rejected.
I felt so pissed off. Ya, it was my mistaken. I said sorry and tried to solve this problem in my way. But she kept asking for refund. OMG. Damn fucking annoying bitch. What's wrong with u ?
I wish I won't face this kind of people again. People can be so stingy and calculative even only for RM 5. So finally I did the refund n I hope she won't find me again. I was so stress for lots of problem and busy as I need to pack all my stuffs. But then I had to face a silly problem like this.
It was a bad luck.
Sigh...I want to go back to Indonesia to refresh my mind asap.
I was(am) so stress and did lots of stupid things that were not good. Sometime u just feel like want to hurt urself. And last nite I told my bf. He said that I was stupid, but in the same time he was sad. I hurt someone that love me so much, it's more pain compare to all stupid things that I did. I just didn't know how to appreciate my life >.<
I should say sorry to myself and people who care a lot about me.
Sigh...don't u think sometime when u are emo or stress, u can be so pathetic or dramatic ? Well at least for me =p

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love ur local cosmetic brand

Makeup brands that are famous usually is from US, Europe ( French, Italy), Japan and Korea.
MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Lunasol, who doesn't know that brand ?
But how about brand from Malaysia or Indonesia ? Mostly people, especially from their own country doesnt know either care. Rather than spend the money for local brand, they prefer famous brand that assure u good quality and worthy to spend. That's what we call playing safe.
But for me, who collect makeup and like to try something different, I would like to try local makeup brand from Indonesia.
Why not ? I gave myself a chance to try MAC, indeed I love MAC so much. So now, I want to be more adventurous with makeup ;) A brand that I want to try is PAC. Na ah, it's not fake MAC. PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetic. First launched was in 1997 and the owner is Martha Tilaar. This cosmetic suits for u who are looking for stage makeup, bridal with a very fine quality, water resistant with lots of color selections.
Me personally interested to get these :

Blush palette and based on the picture, the colors look so pretty :D

Professional Makeup Kit. I know I am far from professional, but it doesnt mean I cant have this makeup kit, right ? :D This set contains :
- 6 Creamy Foundations
- 4 Liquid Foundations
- 6 Two Way Cakes
- 2 Loose Powders
- 2 Shimmering Powders
- 4 Blush On
- 24 Pressed Eye Shadows
- 12 Lipsticks
Aiyaya, so tempted ! Btw, I have tried the eyeshadow, which owned by my friend. It's very pigmented and the colors are pretty. The package is Lancome look alike, but I think the price is more afforadble. Not sure yet, since I never go to the counter. But now, yes I want to try.
Next week I'm going back to Indonesia, yay ! Cant wait to shop with my bf :D
Btw, if someone wants to get PAC, can email me as I will come back to Malaysia in July =)
For details, check here, www.pacbeauty.com.
Meri L

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful

picture credits to viewpoints.com

Since the first time I saw this blush from Specktra.net, I was falling in love. I should have this.
And finally, I have it. The color is dusty rose, which I think u can find other than from MAC.
I was dissapointed with the result that I got when I put on my face. It looked like a dirt on my face. It didn't make look me fresh.
What I like from MAC Mineralize Blush is the texture and pigmentation. I didn't have to put so much to see the colour appear on my face. I dislike blusher that is very sheer. It's no use I buy it as have no result that I can see nor make any differences on my face.
I really like Dainty and Gentle that Stephen recommended to me. Especially Dainty, I love it. I look so fresh and the color matches with my skin :D
This Gleeful end up in my sale spree. I wish to sell, so anyone who interested, can email me la_femmefatale@rocketmail.com and of course the price will be much cheaper than retail.

Btw, I got an award from vonvon, thank u so much =)
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I would like to share this award to :
  • ssnowfish
  • ms.iu
Sorry I broke the rules as I didn't put the link, lazy me =p
Have a nice weekend everybody !

Meri L

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I want these

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. It lauched around April 2009 in US if not mistaken. Maybe will come to Malaysia a bit late or we won't see it in here. It gives more coverage than Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and it contains SPF 20.

Paul and Joe Protecting FLuid Foundation. It's mostly beauty bloggers favourite and I want it too >.<>

Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation. Actually I want to try the cream foundation, but I hate the packaging. But well, all cream foundation come in that packaging. So I prefer to get this one, which more hygienic. Do u think that they will perform in a same way ? As I know cream foundation has better coverage.

Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation. I can't find it in Malaysia, but probably will launch sooner or later. The packaging is plain boring, but I heard lots of good things about this foundation. I am a sucker for foundation, so I should try any foundation that mostly beauty blogger think is good.

Honestly, I want to get all liquid foundations from high end brand. U name it, I want it. Guerlain, Shiseido, Lancome, Make Up For Ever, Estee Lauder, all in my wish list, lol. Foundation, primer or makeup base and blusher have been my favourites. It's a must for me to get of them whenever I go to shop.

I love makeup base since I tried Laneige Makeup Prime Sebum Control and so far I have around 8 bottles of primer/makeup base. Mostly are so-so, only certain products that give me smooth canvas feeling :D
For primer it doesn't have to come from high end brand, as I have from Etude House and The Faceshop.

Now I need to save my money, a lot. For new MAC collection, Colour Craft and the foundations that in my wish list. Paul and Joe Protecting Fluid foundation is much cheaper in Indonesia, but harder to get compare to Malaysia. I only can find in one place to get this foundation, but I think it's worthy to put a little bit more effort to get this foundation or else, I will get the Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation ;)

What's ur favourite foundation ? Share with me and maybe I will tempted to get it :D

Happy loving foundation day ! ( what kind of day is that ? LOL)


Meri L

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Somebody, please kill me

I spent these 3 days at shopping mall and how torturing that was when I cant spend any single pennies bcoz I need to save up. Aaaargh..Can u imagine when u usually buy 3-10 items in a day, but now u got nothing after spend so long time at the mall ?

I cant stand for it ! I want to shop !
Huks..Hope one day I have RM 10k to shop, LOL.
Btw, I want to introduce a brand that still consider as new in Malaysia.
I post this not for commercialize, but I want to share where u can get a good stuff with afforadble price.

picture credits to kimberlycun.com
Stage cosmetic which is proudly new makeup brand from Malaysia itself. Stage is located in Mid Valley, Pavillion and other places that I don't know, LOL. This brand offers u lots of selection, but for me I haven't found anything interesting yet so far. Excpet for the makeup brush.
Yesterday I tried the angled blush brush and powder brush which are definetly soft and comparable with MAC. I really love it. And for the price, it's only half of MAC brushes. One day I will get the angled blush brush :D But please, don't even think to get the kabuki brush, which is not soft at all and scratchy. Blah. It's like a broom.
For the packaging, they are ugly, LOL. At least for me =p
For the price, they are affordable. The eyelash curler is RM 35, the blusher is RM 58. The blusher reminds me with NYX Rouge Cream Blush, very similar. But this one is powder blush and has lots of pretty color =)
Maybe if u have time u can drop by and try it on. They also have makeup train case, which similar with a brand from Japan that I found in Indonesia and it's cheaper. It's very nice and u can consider to have it.
That's all from me, just a short post :D
Is there anything u want to get by this week ? Do share with me, even though I will be so jealous T.T
Happy shopping !
Meri L

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Shu Uemura haul

Actually I got this yesterday but since I don't have anything to take a picture, I decided not to post about it. But I felt like I want to share and waiting for my sista's DSLR is too long -.-'

So here's what I got :

Makeup train case, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. All pictures are not mine. Really sorry about that.
Finally I have the best eyelash curler ever ! :D
I already tried the cleansing oil and eyelash curler, but I am not so sure to do the review now =p
My makeup train case comes in medium size with 2 train cases. I wish one day I will have much bigger one, which look like luggage =p
I love makeup more and more. I want collect more and more :D
Btw, I am very happy today for several reasons. I did charity, I helped old lady and a family, and someone said," Do u know that u r gorgeous ?". Yay ! Yay ! Yay ! I feel much better than 2 days ago when my phones were broke. Wee hee ! I feel so good when I do charity, it's not my money though, so it's for my parents sake =) The old man gave me candies and another one gave tissue as it's his way to show appreciation. I wish one day I can do more. I cant stand when I saw old man/lady should work so hard where they should spend quality time in their life. I mean, it's enough u worked so hard when u were young and there's a time for u to take a rest.
I should work hard for my parents, bring them to Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places.
My dad is 60 years old now but he's still working until now >.< All his friends have grandchildren, while he has to wait until my sista gets married.
I don't want to have kids, so for this one, he cant put a hope on me =p
I cant wait to go back to Indonesia, miss my family and bf. Honey, I'm waiting for my birthday gift :D

Happy weekdays and share whatever u have to people surround u !

Meri L

Monday, June 15, 2009

Aaaargh my phones !

Yesterday both of my phones were damaged bcoz of water. No, not water, it's worst, brush cleanser from MAC ! I took pictures for my upcoming posts and I decided to clean up my makeup box. I didn't realize why some of them were wet. Until I saw my LG phone was vibrating and suddenly off.
OMG ! The brush cleanser was accidentally opened and my LG and Motorola became the victim. They were killed by my lovely MAC ! Aaaargh >.< Not only that, my MAC blusher and bronzer boxes too ! I always keep everything in the box. I didn't throw it away as I think it's tidier. I was so sad !
I can't take any picture for my blog anymore. But well, it's good for readers so it won't hurt their eyes with such bad quality pictures, LOL.
Lucky, I could turn on my Motorola after several times I tried. If not, I had no idea what should I do ! I can't buy phone now, it's not the right time as I want to buy something for mom.
And other thing that make me sad, I have lots of time and spirit(sounds funny) to post lots of thing. But why did this happen ? Huks T.T
I think I should wait until I go back to Indonesia, as my sister has DSLR and I can borrow so I won't hurt ur eyes anymore :D So this 10 days I will post everything without picture and make u deadly bored ! Booo. I supposed post about my package that I got by today. Huks >.<
Is there anyone wants to give me ur phone or camera ? :D I don't think my mom allows me to buy new phone :(
To make it worse, now my brush cleanser only left half :( Yesterday was a bad day. I wish for a better, happy oh lucky day !

Meri L

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yay ! I got my birthday gifts from US Spree

Finally, after waiting for around 3 weeks, I got my package from US spree.
I was very lucky in my birthday month, coz all items that I got were 20% discount !
Furthermore, Ryan ( person who help me to ordered) gave me $5 and RM 15 rebate. Woo hoo ! Everything became so cheap !
Here's what I got :

NARS Powder Blush in Dolce Vita
NARS POwder Blush in Torrid
NARS POwder Blush in Gilda
Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-up Primer

Among all those blushers, the prettiest is Torrid :D I haven't tried it yet. But, I think I will love it. Quite dissapointed with Dolce Vita as it looks like dark pink, I should get another shade >.< But oh well, maybe when I put it on my face, I will be happy with the result =p
As I remembered, that time NARS in beauty.com had promotions/special offer. I am not sure what the offer was, but wondering why Ryan didn't give it to me, as I bought 3 pcs NARS blushers, booo.
Now I have tons of blushers and I will reveal my collection soon :D
and I'm planning to get another blushers such as Deep Throat, Sin, Amour, Outlaw, etc
While for Laura Geller Spackle, it had been in wish list and a must have for me. I was curious to know about this primer, since they have good reviews from Sephora and other beauty blogs.
It's cheap as it's 2 oz/56 gr, which is a lot for primer. Standar quantity is 30 ml or 1 0z.
Can't wait to try it.
Now I want to play with all stuffs that I got this week.
O,ya I have one question.

What is ur favourite for NARS blusher ? Share with me :D

Meri L

dont forget, check my makeup sale http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?act=ST&f=135&t=1011068
Im really broke now..Lots of things happen, pls help me to clear all stuffs so I can get cash >.<

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another MAC haul =p

I am such a MAC whore, LOL. Now I have 15 plus stuffs from MAC. And I wish to get other stuff, but have to postpone, as I want to buy something for my mom. Hope readers from Malaysian can help to clear my stuffs =p
Last Monday I received my package as I ordered MAC by online.
And I did before I am planning to buy something for my mom, so forgive me to spend money for myself :D
This is what I got :

Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche, Lustre Drops in Sun Rush and Pink Rebel. All from Style Warrior collection. I had tried all of them and I love it =)
What do u like from Style Warrior collection ? Do share with me =)

Out of topic, today I had done my final presentation and I was so relieved. It's my last semester and I will miss everything that I had there..
I will miss my friends.
I will miss the time we stayed at university.
I will miss the time we eat together with all the laugh and stupid joke.
I will miss the time we were gossiping about people.
I learnt lots of things since I stay abroad, far from my home.
I am really thankful to God and parents for giving me a chance to have this kind of experience.
It's precious, something that I might not get if I studied in Indonesia.
I always love when I can learn, see and feel something that I never had before.
After this, I will have my real life where I have to survive and work harder. However, I just want to enjoy my life. So money is not an issue for me. It's a lie if I said money is not important, if I don't like money. I need money, it is important. But it's not everything, money can't buy a happiness for u.
Let's compare. When u buy Chanel bag, Salvtore Ferragamo shoes, how long the happiness will be last ? Compare to, u do charity, help people and make a surprise for people that u love.
Personally, I always happy and glad when I can do something for people. When I do charity, I feel so relieve. When I can make my bf, friends and family smile or laugh, it's so priceless.
Especially for my Dad, he never complain, he is very quite man. We seldom talk and spend time together. We are not that close.
But I really love him so much. I will do everything to make him happy. He works so hard and seldom spend time with me. I won't be a bad girl just because less attention that I got. I won't complain. This is his way to show how he loves me. He won't say that he loves me directly. I respect him.
I always feel excited if I can buy food that he may like, if we can go dinner together.
One day I wish to say that I love him so much and I am proud to be his daugther.
I love my family to death.
I will, one day, be succeed in my carrier, I believe and I have to make it. Just for u Dad..
Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom too, but she's an expressionist, it's easy to know how she feels and I am not shy to hug and kiss her. On the other hand, my dad is a shy and quite guy.
To see him laugh is just like a treasure.
I hope I could bring happiness more than all the pains he and my mom had..
I hope I can spend more time with them, to pay all the precious thing that I passed as I am oversea.

Remember, whenever, wherever, u can find a friend. But, u can't find family in other places.
So, use ur time wisely before u regret that. It's not a lie that one day u can't see them any longer in ur life. And I don't want to cry for that.
U won't know how happy they are when u hug them and u say that u love them..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Makeup Sale to buy a gift for Mom

Hi there, I want to sell all my stuffs that I don't use and I need to clear them up so I can buy a gift for my Mom.

Hope u all can help me to clear it =)
It's only for Malaysian and it's free shipping ( register mail and post express). I fu r interested, drop ur email to my comment box or contact me here, la_femmefatale@rocketmail.com.
Happy shopping =)

picture credits to autumnmasquarade.blogspot.com
MAC BEauty Powder in Summer Rose RM 90 used ONCE
Anna Sui Mini Rouge W, Limited Edition RM 50 NEW
Stila Perfecting Foundation in shade b RM 40 NEW

Clinique Superfit in Netural RM 70 USED for once (reserved)

MUFE HD Foundation in 117 RM 90 USED 5x

NARS Loose Powder in Eden RM 130 USED

Makeup Sponges RM 10 for 15 pcs

Elianto Face Brush RM 8 USED

Shu Uemura White Recovery Ex+ Brightening Cleansing Oil 50 ml -NEW, RM 20 - sold out

Cyber Color Eyelash Curler-NEW RM 20

Shiseido Gel Eyeliner in Black-USED for once RM 20

Max Factor 2,000 Calories Curved Brush in Rich Black - NEW RM 27

Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash in Very Black - NEW RM 25

Chanel Levre Scintillantes Glossimer in 126 Silex

Clarins Hydrating Intense Regenerant

Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation and Concealer in No.21 Natural Beige

TRESemme Straightening Balm

Clinique Superfit in Cream BEige

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer All sample size RM 10

Stila Illuminating Tinted MOisturizer - USED, 98% left RM 40

All ARE ORIGINAL. I will close this sale on 24 June.

For details, picture, click here

Thanks =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

MAC (again) and Etude House Hauls

I am starting addicted to MAC, no wonder people love MAC. They offer u lots of selection which mostly are pretty and u can't just ignore it. So today I went to Pavillion again to get myself another blusher. And I bought too many, when I had to pay, I was shock. Because when I saw what I like, I would simply say, "get me this one". Not only MAC, I bought something from Etude House. It has been a long time I didn't shop anything from Etude. Used to the name is only Etude and I got it in Indonesia, 4 years ago I think. I bought the blushers and loose powder.
But in this haul, I didn't get myself that stuffs as I ady got blushers from MAC.
So here it is !

Taaaadaaaa ! Yups I had 6 items from MAC. From the above left :
Mineralize Blush in Gleeful
Mineralize Blush from Grand Duos Collection in Intenso
Powder Blush in Fleur Power
Beauty Powder from Rose Romance in Summer Rose
Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist
Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachykeen
While for Etude House I got Pore Erasing Peach Base and On Screen Primer.

MAC blushers in Gleeful, Intenso and Peachykeen were in my wish list. I didn't expect that I would got the Intenso. That's the only one left. Lucky me ! I saw the swatches from Spektra.Net and it seems very pretty. Used to I was planning to get Moon River, but mostly people said it's more to highlighter than blusher. I prefer highlighter in liquid. And I saw that in MAC Pavillion and Lot 10 they still got lots of stocks for Moon River. So anyone who interested with that, u can get it there. MAC Lot 10 even still have Light Over Dark. But too bad, they don' have Grand Duo and Hot Planet, aargh >.<
I didn't get Style Warrior blushers, Eversun and On a Mission because I think the colors look dirty. While for Peachtwist, before this I got Dollymix but O my, the color was very shocking pink and I don't like it. So I asked to exchange with another color. It looks pretty, but I'm not sure how it looks like on my skin. Hope it's nice =)
For Etude House, both are makeup base. When I tried from the sample, it felt nice and I like it, that's why I decided to get both of them. Especially for Pore Erasing Peach Base, I like the packaging and have read lots of good thing about this. For me personally, it felt like YSL Mat Radiant Base, very smooth. The price was very different, from Etude House it's only RM 49.90, while from YSL is RM 133. You should give a try, as I think Pore Erasing Peach Base is the dupe for YSL Mat Radiant Base with much more cheaper price. I don't know yet how it feels when I put on my face, but I will try it tomorrow. I can't wait ! :D
How about you ? What u get on this weekend ? Share with me.
Happy nice haul everybody !

Meri L

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Flower Silky Makeup Base review

description : formulated with edible petal extract and powders, this makeup base softens skin and evens out tone for a silky smooth finish.

It was my first time to purchase face makeup product from The Faceshop. Used to I have the gel eyeliner, but it's just ok, nothing special. And it was my first time either to get myself makeup base which has color. I got mine in Light Purple, another choice is green.
The reason I myself makeup base with color which also known as corrector, is for brighten my dull and tired skin. Some brand has lots of color selections, blue, pink, white, beige, silver, etc.

I will start my review with the packaging. It's humongous ! I don't think it's necessary, as the quantity is only 35ml. Laneige Makeup Primer is 50 ml, but more handy and didn't waste ur makeup box space.
When I pumped out the makeup base, what I saw is a very light purple fluid which the texture is light and watery. It makes the makeup base easy to blend and absorp into our skin. When I smelled it, there's a light flower scent. Still acceptable rather than Laneige skincare product.
Basically, I didn't see any difference when I used this product. I didn't see that my skin look fresh or oh-so-healthy. It's still same like I used my other primer.
So I think this product is just fine for me. I didn't have any breakouts or make my face oilier.
I will keep it but I won't re-purchase when it's finished. I want to try from MAC, but Stephen said I don't need it :D Yves Saint Laurent has same product called Radiant base, which I love so much and I want to get it ! Soon I get it, I will tell u why I love it :D
Meri L

Friday, June 5, 2009

A little bit personal of me

This post has nothing to do with beauty..I just felt like want to share with u all.
Last nite I was calling my bf for hundred times, from 10 pm until 1am, he didn't answer at all.
I was panicking. It's not bcoz I was afraid he cheated on me, but I was afraid that something happened to him. I could not imagine that..
I tried to call his best friend, but no answer..Left me with the frustrated feeling, I cried.
I had no idea what should I do. He's in Indonesia, I could not go to his house to check his condition.
I was really scared if the worst nightmare came to crash my life. He's not only my bf, but he's someone in my life. We had shared lots of things together, all pains and happiness.
He's really important for me. I know him for 5 years, since that he is always be my comfort zone. I share whole things with him. He never complain when I talk about makeup. He even said I was smart for all acknowledge that I have about makeup. If he could help me to buy makeup, he will be so happy for me.
After became so frustrated, finally he answered my call. I shout and I cried. He told me that he was sick and fell a sleep. He silent his phone. I was very angry and relieved in the same time to know that he's still there.
I know that I think too much. But I really don't want to lose him >.< No one can change his position in my heart.
He won't cheat. I know him. I believe in him. Once he told me that he worked so hard, only for me. He even tried to get another job, so he could get more salary.
One thing that he shoud know, I could not be happier else than be with him.
Another 3 weeks I will go back to Indonesia and I can't wait to hold his hand..

I love u so much, my treasure...
I want to grow old with u..Only u.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't mess with me

I deleted this post as the seller had contacted me. Phew...
I never experience bad seller who only wants to steal my money. I hope it never happen to me.
I am impatient as I did not get any reply and specific date when she would send package.
I also ordered something from someone else, but she told me she will send it on Friday.
Yups, I need to wait a bit long, but I appreciate her for telling me and I believe that she will be in time.
I never like when someone does something slow or not professional.
Of course, I will try to be professional too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First haul in June ! Yay ! Super Happy Me !!

Today I was planning to go to Pavillion and got myself Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and Guerlain Parure Extreme. But, I had no idea, after I reached there, I felt like I don't want to buy. As a result, I didn't get anything in Parkson.

Other than Giorgio Armani and Guerlain, I wanted to buy Benefit High Beam. I really want to try highlighter as I never try. But then, I saw the packaging looks quite small and the price I think just not worthy, so I canceled.
Went here and there for hours. Here's what I got

Yups, something from MAC, Skin Food and The Face Shop. I never fancy stuff from there, but today I gave myself a chance to try the products. As for MAC, I gave them second chance after I was very dissapointed with the Blot Loose Powder. And I think it's too much for second chance =p

See ? Now u understand why I said it's too much ? I bought 7 items and got 2 samples from the SA, he's a very nice and smart guy. I learnt a lot from him. Yes, it's a guy and before this, he worked for Shu Uemura.
From the above (clockwise) : Refined Golden from Style Warrior, Mineralize Skinfinish in Light, MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty, MAC Angled Brush 168, The Face Shop Silky Makeup Base, The Skin Extra BB Cream sample from The Face Shop, Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base , MAC Prep+Prime, MAC Brush Cleanser, 2 samples which are cleansing oil and studio fix moisturizer and the last is MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle.
Phew...So tired to read all the above, right ? =p
Total damage ? A LOT ! LOL. But I was (am) very satisfied with what I got, especially from MAC. I manage to get other stuffs and I hope same SA who serves me later :D
I can get MAC by online which is cheaper, but I prefer to buy directly from the shop because I get different feeling and satisfaction. Furthermore, someone serves me and I can make sure I get right stuffs for me.
It must be weird if u follow my blog since the first time. As I am not MAC fans and never thought I would end up buy so many things from there =p
I have ordered MAC by online, let's what I got later =p
Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base, I was interested with this since I saw my Korean friend using it. It was much cheaper than Benefit High Beam but same result. And I like Skin Food packaging more. I never think that Benefit is worthy to spend, I just don't like it. It looks interesting just because the packaging and the name. But I prefer something simple.
Start tomorrow, I will try to use highlighter and bronzer. I want to learn more things about makeup. The MAC SA taught me how to put bronzer, under eye concealer, eyeshadow, use eyebrow pencil and how to contouring and highlighting. That's why I dare to spend so much money. He's the best SA I ever know and I really appreciate what he did.
The Face Shop Silky Makeup base, it has color and I got myself light purple which to brighten ur dull skin and look fresh. I had no idea why I bought this, kinda regret, but I have not tried it yet, so let's hope it brings good result =) This is the first time I got myself makeup base that has color though. Mostly mine are in white and transparent color.
I realized that my skin looks dull and tired, but good thing is most SA said I have good skin complexion xD
I will do review soon ! Cheers everybody ! Happy MAC day !