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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Projects

Start tomorrow, 30 June 2009 I will have projects for my own.
First will be a project where I need to save my money for 3 weeks until I come back to Malaysia. Means, no haul for a month if I count since last week. Sigh..It's kinda hard, but I have to survive >.< I will not shop any clothes or makeup. Instead, I will use all the makeup that I have now. Some of them haven't been used by me yet.
The second project will be lose weight project. I gained 9 kgs in a year -.-' My goal will be 50 kgs.
What I will do :

  • Drink more mineral water
  • Cut junk food and sweets
  • Light exercise like walking and sit up
  • Very light breakfast and dinner
  • Healthy lunch ;)
Deadline will be 17 Oct 2009 when my sister is getting married ;)
Hope u all can support me =) Suggestion is very welcome =)

Meri L