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Saturday, June 20, 2009

MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful

picture credits to viewpoints.com

Since the first time I saw this blush from Specktra.net, I was falling in love. I should have this.
And finally, I have it. The color is dusty rose, which I think u can find other than from MAC.
I was dissapointed with the result that I got when I put on my face. It looked like a dirt on my face. It didn't make look me fresh.
What I like from MAC Mineralize Blush is the texture and pigmentation. I didn't have to put so much to see the colour appear on my face. I dislike blusher that is very sheer. It's no use I buy it as have no result that I can see nor make any differences on my face.
I really like Dainty and Gentle that Stephen recommended to me. Especially Dainty, I love it. I look so fresh and the color matches with my skin :D
This Gleeful end up in my sale spree. I wish to sell, so anyone who interested, can email me la_femmefatale@rocketmail.com and of course the price will be much cheaper than retail.

Btw, I got an award from vonvon, thank u so much =)
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Have a nice weekend everybody !

Meri L


ms.iu said...

wooww i got an award...heheh..TQ so much.. Meri...just noticed that... btw, the blush look so pretty... too bad my purse is slim now..hehehe..
have a great weekend...nway, have a great weekend...dear! ;)

Shuu said...

Aaa I love Dainty too! I love it ever since I tried it on months ago xD
Anyway, I notice that if you have a very dull yellow undertone, Gleeful will suit you. Otherwise, like you said, it looks dirty. My friend who tried on this blush actually like it :P It looks ashy on me too :(

Meri L said...

ms.iu : U're welcome, sorry didn't confirm to ur blog =p Yeah, it is pretty blusher, but too sad it didn't suit me >.<

Shuu : So u finally purchased Dainty ? :D btw, I have another love, Fleur Power, so pretty ! Suits me well ^^ It means we have same skin tone as Gleeful didnt suit for us, maybe next time we should go shopping together :D