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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Somebody, please kill me

I spent these 3 days at shopping mall and how torturing that was when I cant spend any single pennies bcoz I need to save up. Aaaargh..Can u imagine when u usually buy 3-10 items in a day, but now u got nothing after spend so long time at the mall ?

I cant stand for it ! I want to shop !
Huks..Hope one day I have RM 10k to shop, LOL.
Btw, I want to introduce a brand that still consider as new in Malaysia.
I post this not for commercialize, but I want to share where u can get a good stuff with afforadble price.

picture credits to kimberlycun.com
Stage cosmetic which is proudly new makeup brand from Malaysia itself. Stage is located in Mid Valley, Pavillion and other places that I don't know, LOL. This brand offers u lots of selection, but for me I haven't found anything interesting yet so far. Excpet for the makeup brush.
Yesterday I tried the angled blush brush and powder brush which are definetly soft and comparable with MAC. I really love it. And for the price, it's only half of MAC brushes. One day I will get the angled blush brush :D But please, don't even think to get the kabuki brush, which is not soft at all and scratchy. Blah. It's like a broom.
For the packaging, they are ugly, LOL. At least for me =p
For the price, they are affordable. The eyelash curler is RM 35, the blusher is RM 58. The blusher reminds me with NYX Rouge Cream Blush, very similar. But this one is powder blush and has lots of pretty color =)
Maybe if u have time u can drop by and try it on. They also have makeup train case, which similar with a brand from Japan that I found in Indonesia and it's cheaper. It's very nice and u can consider to have it.
That's all from me, just a short post :D
Is there anything u want to get by this week ? Do share with me, even though I will be so jealous T.T
Happy shopping !
Meri L


eclecticsatire said...

There is Stage in Singapore too. Have not checked them out yet since I'm still stuck in Sydney. LOL.

BTW< I recommend you check out Benefit's lipticks, blushes and cream shadows/liners.

I love Coralista blush, Jing-a-ling lipstick and Good-to-go lipstick. Do check them out when you can. (:


Shuu said...

I haven't got the chance to check them out yet due to my exams >_<
hey I'm on a shopping ban myself, so you're not alone :P lol

Meri L said...

ecleticsatire : Oo, they ady launched in S'pore. Wondering how much the price will be as mostly makeup in S'pore is not cheap.
Thanks for the suggestion :D

Shuu : LOL. It's torturing right ? Once I got money, I will lose control =p Good luck with ur exams dear ;)