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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yay ! I got my birthday gifts from US Spree

Finally, after waiting for around 3 weeks, I got my package from US spree.
I was very lucky in my birthday month, coz all items that I got were 20% discount !
Furthermore, Ryan ( person who help me to ordered) gave me $5 and RM 15 rebate. Woo hoo ! Everything became so cheap !
Here's what I got :

NARS Powder Blush in Dolce Vita
NARS POwder Blush in Torrid
NARS POwder Blush in Gilda
Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-up Primer

Among all those blushers, the prettiest is Torrid :D I haven't tried it yet. But, I think I will love it. Quite dissapointed with Dolce Vita as it looks like dark pink, I should get another shade >.< But oh well, maybe when I put it on my face, I will be happy with the result =p
As I remembered, that time NARS in beauty.com had promotions/special offer. I am not sure what the offer was, but wondering why Ryan didn't give it to me, as I bought 3 pcs NARS blushers, booo.
Now I have tons of blushers and I will reveal my collection soon :D
and I'm planning to get another blushers such as Deep Throat, Sin, Amour, Outlaw, etc
While for Laura Geller Spackle, it had been in wish list and a must have for me. I was curious to know about this primer, since they have good reviews from Sephora and other beauty blogs.
It's cheap as it's 2 oz/56 gr, which is a lot for primer. Standar quantity is 30 ml or 1 0z.
Can't wait to try it.
Now I want to play with all stuffs that I got this week.
O,ya I have one question.

What is ur favourite for NARS blusher ? Share with me :D

Meri L

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Im really broke now..Lots of things happen, pls help me to clear all stuffs so I can get cash >.<


Lulu said...

Yay for the discount! You got some great stuff!!! Hope you'll like all of them :) I've never tried any NARS blush, please tell me how you like them!! :)

eclecticsatire said...

Awesome haul! (: My fav. NARS blusher is Angelika. Uber pretty and cute shade of pink. :D

ms.iu said...

wowiee... u already received the nars blish... yes yessompo.. torrid is pretty... can't wait to see ur...upcoming blush haul:D

ssnowfish said...

i have dolce vita and gilda. i prefer dolce vita.. have to practice more in applying dolce vita, then it can be very pretty colour.

Meri L said...

Lulu : I hope the same thing too ;)Will let u know after I tried all of them ^^ Btw, u have cute name =p

ecleticsatire : Angelika ? I thought the color is so bright ?

ms.iu : Lol. U know I can't stop buying blusher, don't u ? I love blusher to death xD

ssnowfish : Hi dear, it's been a long time u didn't drop by to my blog ;) Thanks for ur opinion n sugesstion ^^

fuzkittie said...

Glad you got evreything at a good price!! :D Torrid looks pretty indeed!

Shuu said...

wow to all NARS blushes! :D

Meri L said...

fuzkittie : Thanks dear :) Love ur Jill Stuart too =p
Shuu : wow for the cheap price I got too, LOL

Shuu said...

I've been lemming for NARS deep throat.. it's just I'm too broke :P and the price is not so friendly :P

Meri L said...

Shuu : LOL. Yeah it is not cheap, but not much different for the price with MAC in US actually. Just the shipping that make this blush becomes so expensive. Lucky me, got 20% discount, hehe.
I heard that S'pore will have new Sephora which much bigger than they have now and probably they will have NARS. But of coz, the price will be like bomb, LOL.I want Deep Throat too :D

ssnowfish said...

girl. i always follow your blog ler~ but i didnt leave comment. hhehehehe~~

Meri L said...

ssnowfish : LOL. Glad to know u still enjoy reading my blog ;)