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Monday, June 15, 2009

Aaaargh my phones !

Yesterday both of my phones were damaged bcoz of water. No, not water, it's worst, brush cleanser from MAC ! I took pictures for my upcoming posts and I decided to clean up my makeup box. I didn't realize why some of them were wet. Until I saw my LG phone was vibrating and suddenly off.
OMG ! The brush cleanser was accidentally opened and my LG and Motorola became the victim. They were killed by my lovely MAC ! Aaaargh >.< Not only that, my MAC blusher and bronzer boxes too ! I always keep everything in the box. I didn't throw it away as I think it's tidier. I was so sad !
I can't take any picture for my blog anymore. But well, it's good for readers so it won't hurt their eyes with such bad quality pictures, LOL.
Lucky, I could turn on my Motorola after several times I tried. If not, I had no idea what should I do ! I can't buy phone now, it's not the right time as I want to buy something for mom.
And other thing that make me sad, I have lots of time and spirit(sounds funny) to post lots of thing. But why did this happen ? Huks T.T
I think I should wait until I go back to Indonesia, as my sister has DSLR and I can borrow so I won't hurt ur eyes anymore :D So this 10 days I will post everything without picture and make u deadly bored ! Booo. I supposed post about my package that I got by today. Huks >.<
Is there anyone wants to give me ur phone or camera ? :D I don't think my mom allows me to buy new phone :(
To make it worse, now my brush cleanser only left half :( Yesterday was a bad day. I wish for a better, happy oh lucky day !

Meri L


Shuu said...

Oh dear.. so sorry about your phones >_< I never know brush cleanser can do such a damage @_@

Meri L said...

Shuu : Yeah I think bcoz it has detergent. It felt sticky >.<

eclecticsatire said...

Awww, so sorry dear! Hope the rest of the week will get better for ya! Hang in there! :)


Meri L said...

eclecticsatire : thanks dear ! I think now everything is going better =)