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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to lose 3 kgs so I can fit that jeans that I ordered from GAP :)
I want to lose 3 kgs as it's my ideal and healthy weight :)
I want to eat and drink healthier so it prevents me from diabetes :)
I want to do some sports so I will look and feel healthier :)
I want to appreciate my life with a healthy lifestyle :)

Nah..nah..I don't want to be skinny..
I don't have to be skinny to be a happy person..
I don't need anyone's approval that I look good..
I am proud with my curve..
I love my hips :)
Be happy u all without scared about what people think..
Think positively :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got an interview today, it seems that they want to accept me as their employee but I gave a very high price :P
My blog become boring day by day..But it is okay as I think no one gonna read this.
No make up post related for few days, as I am having a gray period, not so black as I still have pre order stuffs that I'm waiting :p
I want to buy a camera digital so I can snap a picture for my lovely makeup haul :)
So many things to buy, so little I have now.

Anyway, my hubby is sick today. Suddenly, he was vomiting and it sounded scary :(
Get well soon hubby, I love u.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks to my mom as she could understand about my problem with my new job..
I am still wondering if I should stay there, but I am afraid I just can't..
I miss to meet and talk with my customers..
I hope I will get a better job and better salary of course..
I am thinking to study again..
Well let's hope that everything is going well :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surprisingly that I don't like my new job..It seems like a job that lots of people dream about, me either.
But I couldn't stand with the way they taught me..
They only told me this and that and do this and that, like a robot.
My daily job requires me to sit in front of the comp, staring to the numbers..
So different with my job before where I could talk to my customers.
I think I enjoy to talk with other people..
I may an introvert but it doesn't mean I don't want to talk..
It's interesting for me when someone shares the experiences that she/he has. Money can't buy those.
O, God please help me to get a better job..
Maybe I'm too childish but until these 2 weeks, I haven't found anything that I like about my job yet.
It's torturing when I work for something that I don't like, well that's what I think.
It's useless if I have lots of money but I'm not happy with my job.
This is a lesson learnt, now I know better what I am looking for.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself..
I wish my dreams come true..
I wish everything the best for me..
I wish to get more money..
I wish to get more make up..
I wish to make my parents happy and proud of me..
I wish God always be with me..
Have a nice day everyone..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Hate MAC MSF Petticoat

pic not belong to mine, I got it from makeupalley.com

I hate this, I really don't like it. I put it on my beauty sale immediately after I tried it. Once, I gave myself another chance but it failed to impress me.
It took 2 weeks until someone finally bought it from me. And I hate to see it in my makeup drawer.
I prefer MAC MSF in Light Flush.
This one is too frosty and the color is bright pink I think ? Blah.
The MSF that I like so much is Redhead, subtle shimmer and so damn pretty to use as highlighter.
Another one would be Cheeky Bronze that I use as a blusher. Lots of shimmer but well, I still can handle it.
I admit it that Petticoat is really pretty in a pan but it's a disaster when I put it on my cheeks, it looked like a disco ball.
However, still wanting another MSF which is Stereo Rose that repromote and will be launch around July I think.