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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surprisingly that I don't like my new job..It seems like a job that lots of people dream about, me either.
But I couldn't stand with the way they taught me..
They only told me this and that and do this and that, like a robot.
My daily job requires me to sit in front of the comp, staring to the numbers..
So different with my job before where I could talk to my customers.
I think I enjoy to talk with other people..
I may an introvert but it doesn't mean I don't want to talk..
It's interesting for me when someone shares the experiences that she/he has. Money can't buy those.
O, God please help me to get a better job..
Maybe I'm too childish but until these 2 weeks, I haven't found anything that I like about my job yet.
It's torturing when I work for something that I don't like, well that's what I think.
It's useless if I have lots of money but I'm not happy with my job.
This is a lesson learnt, now I know better what I am looking for.