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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make Up For Ever Face and Body liquid foundation

Just a short review from me.
Among all those liquid foundations that MUFE has, the best seller are :

  1. HD Foundation
  2. Face and Body Foundation
  3. Mat Velvet
I have HD Foundation but I don't like it as I found it made me cakey. So my another choices would be Face and Body or Mat Velvet. Finally I got Face and Body in hand yesterday by shopping online. She sells it cheaper than retail, $29.55 or Rm 114 including shipping.
I prefer this one than Mat Velvet as I love the texture. It's water based but the texture is semi gel. Today I tried it and I love how it felt on my skin, it has cool sensation. It's so easy to blend and I felt like I didn't wear anything. Looked like my own skin. So I could say that this foundation doesn't have good coverage, it's very light. So I need to use concealer.
Other than that, it's long lasting and didn't make my skin oily. Overall I love it :)
I give 4 from 5 :D

Friday, September 4, 2009

My bf's favourite :D

Last week my bf asked me to wear new blusher that I got from him. So between Pink Swoon and Pinch O Peach, I chose Pink Swoon. Both of them are popular in Makeupalley. So I think I made a good choice to get them both :D
When me and my bf met, he asked what blusher that I used. I told him it's Pink Swoon that I got from him. He looked amazed and he said that he liked it so much :D
He said it's the most natural blusher that I ever worn and it's the greatest among those blushers that I had used. Usually he could see that I use blusher, but with Pink Swoon I looked naturally blushing :p
I think I have to learn how to use blusher to look more natural.
Maybe I used too much and looked fake.
Well thanks to my bf, with his honesty I knew my mistake xD

Back to MAC old collection

picture credits to beautyaddict.blogspot.com

Still remember this collection ? MAC Beauty Powder Blush collection in March 2008.
I was looking for it as I like the blushers from that collection. I am late as a MAC collector. And I just can't ignore this collection, I love blusher so much and I had seen the swatches. So lovely.
Two days ago finally I had one of them which my most favorite among other blusher based on the swatches.
I got it by online, I joined a forum and she had MAC Joyous which she decided to sell. She only used it for 3 times and sell it for RM 70.20 including shipping if convert to Ringgit.
I don't need to think twice.
Two days ago I received it. Very fast seller. I paid on 1st Sept, I received it in the next day.
The color is peachy almost to orange I think.
I have yet wear it, tomorrow I will meet my bf and planning to use it :D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am stress, sad and lonely. I have no spirit, even to talk with others.
I have problem with my sister and brother, I hate their attitudes. And I don't understand why my sister suddenly ignores me.
I am so tired with her. She did this to me for 3 years, we didn't talk at all, which finally stopped 2 years ago. But she started it again.
I feel like I want to run. I hate to stay at home.
My mom could see that I'm lonely so she tried to talk with me.
But I feel so stress so I just keep quite.
Until yesterday I asked my bf to call me and I told him everything, how I feel and why.
I cried and he only asked me to be patient.
I felt much better after that. However, when he's busy and I'm at home, I still feel lonely.
He's worried with me.
I have no idea what I should do.
I am so tired.
I'm starting hate my sister and brother.
I should get a job soon to make myself busy.
I don't want to give a shit about my relationship with my siblings.
I will do my best for myself, parents and my bf.