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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make Up For Ever Face and Body liquid foundation

Just a short review from me.
Among all those liquid foundations that MUFE has, the best seller are :

  1. HD Foundation
  2. Face and Body Foundation
  3. Mat Velvet
I have HD Foundation but I don't like it as I found it made me cakey. So my another choices would be Face and Body or Mat Velvet. Finally I got Face and Body in hand yesterday by shopping online. She sells it cheaper than retail, $29.55 or Rm 114 including shipping.
I prefer this one than Mat Velvet as I love the texture. It's water based but the texture is semi gel. Today I tried it and I love how it felt on my skin, it has cool sensation. It's so easy to blend and I felt like I didn't wear anything. Looked like my own skin. So I could say that this foundation doesn't have good coverage, it's very light. So I need to use concealer.
Other than that, it's long lasting and didn't make my skin oily. Overall I love it :)
I give 4 from 5 :D


am3thystfyr3 said...

Where did you get it from?

Meri L said...

Meri L : Hallo, am3thystfyr3. I got it by shopping online. Are u in Indonesia ? Bcoz I'm in Indonesia now :)

Lexi said...

Hi, thanks for your review! Can I ask which website you bought it from? That is much cheaper than retail and I would love to buy some :)