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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been a month plus since my last post. I had lots of things happened.
I was sick and sick then I found out it's because I was having a baby.
I was shock but well, my hubby happy to hear that :)
Too bad last week I was miscarriage :(
I cried, so did my hubby.
I felt so empty, because used to there is a small creature that ate and breath from me.
When I watched tv, it's a heart pain to see ads about pregnant woman or baby.
I always "talked" to my baby to tell her/him that I am so sorry. It's not her/his time to be here.
And she/he will be happy to stay in heaven with God.
Tell me that Im crazy, but if u are in my position, u know how it feels.
I dont have anything to say anymore.
That's a short update from me.

Baby, ur mom and dad always love u.
Maybe heaven is the right place for u.


Anonymous said...

For her/him to be so loved even in the shortest period by her/his parents, is truly a blessing. I know how it feels, I have lost too... Take care of your health, you will recover from this painful emptiness soon enough.

Meri L said...

Thank you so much, me and my hubby really appreciate that :)
Take care too ^^