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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Signature Minerals Soft Finish Brush review

A brush that comes in travel size that you can carry anytime, anywhere. This brush has incredible softness and just like the name, it gives you soft finishing.
I use this for applying bronzer and the result is perfect. It doesn't pick up too much powder of the bronzer, so it gives you the right amount for contouring. Too much is not okay.
I love this more than MAC 168 that used to I use for contouring. MAC 168 picks too much powder and brings me so fake contouring, which look like beard.
I'm start thinking that spend so much money for MAC brushes is not necessary. You can find as nice as MAC brushes but with cheaper price out there.
Do you any brushes that you love that is not from MAC ? Do share.


cocoemonella said...

hey, you actually found a good use of that brush..thought you dont like it?
I left them in my drawer to collect dust..lol >,<