Welcome to my blog =) I hope you enjoy read my thought and sharing with you. Really appreciate for those who give comment or response. Thank you.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best tool I ever have and Givenchy Subli mine fluid foundation review

I would like to ask u, what is ur best tool for makeup ? brush ? sponge ? Makeup artist and us who love makeup so much probably will spend lots of money for brushes as it's long investment. Me either have a lot of brushes and I have sold some of them. But for u, readers which one is ur HG tool ? MAC brushes ? I have heard lots of good things about MAC brushes, but it's too way epxensive while u can get another one with cheaper price.

Me, myself have found my best tool this morning. It was accident, as I needed to be fast for photoshoot.Nah, it's photoshoot for my project, not me as a model -.-' I put makeup as usual but I got different result even though I used same products like yesterday.

U know why ? Because I used different method this morning and I got much better result. So what is it ? 








my hand !!!!!

picture credit to images.imagine.com

LOL..rather than use my own hand for picture, I decide to use cartoon picture as I am lazy and it's funny :D So this morning, I used Givenchy Subli mine fluid foundation, just like yesterday. Usually I use sponge to apply my foundation to void too thick and cakey foundation on my face. But today I was in a rush and maybe because I was lazy, I didn't use sponge. I used my hand, finger actually to apply foundation and the result was amazing ! Luminous skin and better coverage ! Woo hoo ! I think start now I will use my hand to apply foundation, of course it should be hygenic :)

So here it is, my review for Givenchy Subli'mine Fluid Foundation. Just for extra information, this foundation is 4.2 of 5 from 25 readers in Makeupalley and 4.6 of 5 from 15 readers in Sephora. Yeah, it's only few who had experience with this foundation. I think it has been discontinued and change with Photo Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20. I am not sure, correct me if I'm wrong :) 

I had this one in Exact Vanilla, which is suits my light skin tone. I think it's more pinkish rather than yellowish. The texture is quite thick, but still easy to blend without looks cakey. The coverage is very good, medium coverage but I got better coverage as I mentioned at the moment that using my fingers give me better result. I don't need concealer when I use this and it gives me luminous and glowy face :) The lasting power is very good, can stand for 8 hours and oil control is more than average. I really like this foundation and thinking to get another foundation, if they have. It's quite difficult to check, as Givenchy makeup counter is quite rare. 

I love it ! How about u, what foundation that u love so much ?

Friday, May 29, 2009

June Shopping List

What's in my list :

  1. Another foundation
  2. Another Primer
  3. Bronzer
  4. Highlighter
  5. Gel Eyeliner
  6. Cleansing oil
  7. Eyelash curler

I know it's not necessary for me to buy foundation and primer as I have a lot. But I am still looking for my HG for both of them. So it's a good reason for me to spend some money for that :D I already have in my mind which brand I want to get, just hope they have promotion so I can get freebies or voucher :D And of course, a great product that worth to spend.

While for bronzer and highligther, I have no idea from what brand I should get. Any suggestion ? Quite difficult to find liquid highlighter. Mostly they have it in shimmer blush or compact powder. Sigh...

While for gel eyeliner, I have made order, but I will reveal once I got it in my hand :D Probably u know I get it from what brand, but there's an unknown brand that I ordered also. It looks cute in the picture :p Cleansing oil and eyelash curler, this brand is knownable for that. It's the expert for cleansing oil and eyelash curler. Eyelash curler that I have now is sucks. I hope I won't be disspointed with my new eyelash curler :)

What's ur shopping list in June ? Share with me ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Base review

I got this sample when I purchased my long wear gel eyeliner. So far, for Bobbi Brown I have 2 stuffs, gel eyeliner and foundation that I love and not dissapointed at all. The SA of Bobbi Brown gave me the sample as I told her that I was looking for makeup base. First she suggested me Hydrating Face Base, but me personally, prefer Vitamin Enriched base as from the webesite, it's one of best seller items from Bobbi Brown. She suggested me Hydrating Face Base due to my skin type, dry combination. But I am afraid it will end up with oily face.

This morning finally I tried Vitamin Enriched Base sample.Once I opened the sample, I can see yellow cream with a scent. First I thougt it was ginger scent, but when I put it on my face, it smelled like Lemon. So I think for this case, the problem should be from me, Lol. The texture was so thick and creamy. I was thinking that will end up with oily face. Furthermore, when I put it on my face, I didn't feel smooth sensation as canvas, like I feel from Lanege Makeup Primer Sebum Control and Bare Escentuals Prime Time. Uh-huh, I would be dissapointed with this product for sure, I said to myself. 

I was wrong. When I put my foundation, it looked better and smoother. And the best is, not oily at all. In fact, in oil control this product is much better from Laneige and Bare Escentuals. My makeup lasting for a whole day. I love it ! Bobbi Brown never fall me down !

Pro : long lasting, oil control and smoother when apply foundation.

Con : thick texture, the scent whatever is that.

I definetely will get this. But I have to try the Hydrating Face Base to see which one is better.

Happy Bobbi Brown lover day !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chanel Mat Lumiere review

Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, a birthday gift that I gave to myself. It was my happiest moment as I got myself Chanel. This foundation is the cheapest among all Chanel foundation. I bought this one because 2 SA had suggested to get this one for my combination skin.

I was planning to get Vitalumiere, as I love the texture, not too thick and easy to blend. But, it was too expensive and the SA said it's more suitable for mature and dry skin. Second choice was Teint Innocence, the second best seller after Vitalumiere, I had no idea why I didn't take this one. As for the price, only RM 4 more expensive than Mat Lumiere. I think because of the texture, it's quite thick.

I read that Mat Lumiere suitable for oily skin, while combination like mine, better get Teint Innocence. Well, I will buy it next time. So, here's my review for Mat Lumiere.

First time I used it was exactly on my birthday and ended with dissapointment. My skin got oilier than usual. The texture, I like it and easy to blend. But after that, it's cakey. Finally, today I gave another chance for Mat Lumiere which look better, not too oily and cakey. I think it was because of the primer. Today I used Bare Escentuals Prime Time, while on my birthday I used Le Blanc De Chanel, new makeup base from Chanel. Lastly, this foundation can stand for long time.

So I think I will keep this foundation. I am still looking for my HG for foundation that have good coverage, easy to blend, not too thick texture, long lasting and good oil control. Have u found ur HG foundation ? Maybe u can give me some suggestion =)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Bobbi Brown haul

Today I have no mood at all to do my project. I was stress bcoz of my very fat body and all assignments. So, I only spent 3,5 hours in my Uni then I decided to go back home.

I had no idea what came into my mind. Around 3pm, I touched up and decided to go to Pavillion. Spontaneous. Something rare for me, as I always organize when and where I want to go.

Soon I reached Pavillion, I went to all cosmetic counter. MAC, Shu Uemura, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, YSL, Lancome, Dior. I found lots of interesting product and I manage to get them soon. YSL, Lancome, Shu Uemura and Guerlain will be in my shopping list next month.

After I refreshed my eyes with all those makeup, I went to Ichiban Boshi, my favourite :D I love the food there, but quite expensive though, with 15% tax. Well, it's worthy =)

Stomach full and mood better. Woo hoo ! I passed through the Bobbi Brown Counter, so I decided to check if I got something to buy next month. I tried the makeup base, quite pricey and have 2 choices. Then, I browsed again and I asked if I could try the famous gel eyeliner. Very kind of her, she asked me to sit, she cleaned up my eyeliner and put the gel eyeliner on my eyelid. My, oh my, it's really black, look great and very fast to dry.

Out of expectation I bought the gel eyeliner in Black :D I love it. Until I wrote this, there's no smudge at all. So nice of the SA, she gave both of the sample, Hydrating and Vitamin Enriched Base. And I'm officially the member =)

A bit regret as I just ordered set of eyeliner from a Taiwan brand. I hope I won't be dissapoint. I am so happy now and I am falling in love with Bobbi Brown. I got 2 products from them and both of them are very good and I am satisfied a lot !

Hope u all love what u got for u today. Cheers !

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm quite lazy to update my blog, especially about reviews. I think I'm not good in reviews, sigh..
But don't care, I will still write about it and I hope it helps, even though a bit.
Saturday night I had fun time with my friends, as we went to Masjid Jamek to buy things for our projects. Then spent time at Mid Valley. As my friend wanted to take his check and shop.
He's the winner of MODA, do check. His designs and workmanship are incredebly well done.
Ok, back to the topic. When I went to Mid Valley, I visited some shops like MAC and Shu Uemura. I think I want to get something at MAC. Yeah, finally..After I dislike the product, bcoz so many people using it.
I want to shop, I have lots of things to buy.
What I want to get :
Chanel makeup such as foundation and makeup base
Dior makeup such as foundation and blusher
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
Lancome makeup such as foundation and compact powder

Yeah, I have not stopped yet to buy all the foundations and the primer. I am still looking for long lasting, good oil control and full coverage for my sister marriage. So far, I think only Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 is the closest one for the qualification.
I like that foundation so much and I only use it occasionally.
For daily, I use this :
Laneige makeup primer
Stila Illuminating foundation
Coty Airspun loose powder
NYX Rouge cream blush or any blusher, depend on my mood
Covergirl Lash Exact
NYX Round Lipstick
Elianto Eyeliner

U must wonder why I did not post my shopping haul. It's because I am broke. But it could not stop me to shop. I just ordered some stuffs for US Spree.
Wee hee. I am so happy and I can't wait until it reaches me.
And I can't wait until I receive my money in June.
Happy weekend everybody =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stila Illuminating Foundation review

Foundation fever, that's what happened to me since 3 weeks ago.

But, now I stopped as I want to get others thing such as blusher, bronzer, eyeshadows, etc. Mostly, the things that I never tried before.
I want to be a makeup pro ! Lol.
So, back to the topic. Yups, it's a review for my branded foundation but the cheapest price among the others. Stila had big sale last time. When they started the sale, I was kinda broke n needed to go back to Indonesia, so I didn't get anything.
When I went to Pavilion, I went to the counter and saw this foundation, so I decided to take it.
Actually, I wanted the loose powder, but it was finished.
The reason I bought this only because I could not resist the cheap price, not because I was interested or planning to buy it. It's definetly out of my plan. But I am glad that I bought this.
Why ?

First, start with the texture. It's not too thick, but not too liquid ( I have no idea if this is the right word, Lol ). It makes the foundation easy to blend n absorb well in our skin.
While for the coverage, it gives u medium coverage.
As usual, I did not expect anything for oil control, as my nose always get oily.
So for the oil control, I would say just ok.
What I like about this foundation is, when u see it, u won't realize that they have shimmer. It looks matte. First time I was using it, after several hours, I just realized that my hand I used to blend the foundation, had beautiful shine. My face looks glowy and the shimmer is just enough. I love it.
This foundation is RM 40 after discount.
Btw, I still have reviews for Chanel Mat Lumiere, Le Blanc De Chanel, Bare Escentual Prime Time, Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, Givenchy Sub'limine foundation and Clinique Superfit. My favourites are Le Blanc De Chanel, Bobbi Brown SKin Foundation and Givenchy Sub'limine foundation, While for Clinique, I have not tried it yet. I will tell u why its my favourite.
Stay tune =)

*sorry for the poor quality picture, I should get myself a better camera phone. I won't buy or use digital camera, even though the result will be execellent. I don't really like to take picture. So, it's not really worth to me. Or else, I use my sister's DSLR, Lol.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes waiting is so much worthy

Yeah, that's what I had learnt yesterday..
If u have read my old blog, u know that I wanted to get Laura Geller Spackle and NARS. It's in my wishlist.
But..finally I ordered Laura Geller Spakle and NARS blusher.
What is the excitement ? I got usd 5 birthday n Rm 14.99 rebate from Ryan for Laura Geller Spackle, which made it became so cheap. I was blessed bcoz I received an email about beauty.com sale and I told Ryan. Guess what ? He used the discount for 1st batch, including my Laura Geller Spackle, which became cheaper. The price was RM 108 something, become only RM 95 I think. Then, I asked if I could add my order for NARS blusher, as beauty.com had 20% sales. He said that I couldn't.
The discount had limitation, son he only could accept order max usd 280 before discount. A bit disspointed, but well nvm, I still ordered NARS in Dolce Vita. NARS blush is one of the products of the month, so it's cheaper.
This month is a really lucky and blessing month for me. Thanks God for the gifts =) U want to know why ? Beauty.com has another sale on this Wednesday, which affected to my NARS blush, from RM 112 to RM 95. I was so excited. Soon I knew it, I added another 2 blushers, Torrid and Cactus Flower.
I was happy and I could not wait to get all of those stuffs. I am still celebrating my birthday, so this is my second haul for my birthday =)
Now I learnt that, no need to hurry to get something. Sooner or later u will get it and sometimes, in a better condition, which means discount n currency has decreased =) I always in hurry when I want to get something, too impulsive.
I am waiting another sales to come. I hope NARScosmetics.com will have sale too, as I can't get Amour and Outlaw from beauty.com.
Cheers and have a nice day everyone =) Do not forget to spread all happiness to people around u =)

p/s : I am not sure if sellers from forum that I join read my blog, but I got lots of pm, where they offer what they sale. Even another forumer who has Korea or US will promote the spree they have. Honestly, I am flaterred. I am sure will browse to anyone who offer me anything. But for US Spree, for sure I will stick to Ryan. One bad experience with another forumer is enough for me =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MUFE HD Foundation Review

Finally, I got this foundation and this is the first time I bought used item. I never buy used item as I want it to be clean and I am the first one who touch and try it.
I have no idea why I bought this even though it's used.
But, oh well it's not important.
The most important is if I am satisfy and like the product.
What do u think about this foundation ?
It's a best seller in Sephora and tons of good reviews from MakeupAlley.
Am I including the fans of this foundation ?
So, let's start.
I got shade 117, which is suitable for light skin with yellow skin tone. The seller said that we can't get this shade in Malaysia and she bought this from US.

The texture is quite thick, that's what I felt when I blended on my hand.

And when I dot the foundation on my face, then used the sponge to blend it, somehow, the foundation became dry. So it's quite hard to blend it on my face, as the result will be cakey and difficult to absorp in our skin. It feels like we use mask on our face.

This is me before using the foundation, only moisturizer then primer. U can see clearly the red bumps, scars, spots, whatever those are.

And this is the result after using it, better complexion :D

Overall, MUFE HD Foundation gives me good coverage and oil control. But it dries up fastly before we blend it on our face or probably it's because I used old stuffs ? I am not comfortable and satisfied enough with this foundation because it looked cakey. So I give this foundation 3.5 from 5 :D

And here I am after using blusher and loose powder :D

Cheers and have a nice day !

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday gifts from US spree

Phew...finally I got this package, even though I had to take it at the post office.

I hate it. It wastes my time -.-'
What I got for US Spree is not as many as usual, because I was afraid I don't have any money for urgent needs. Now I want to save money, but seems like so many things are tempting >.<
So, here it is, my US Spree

Bare Escentuals Prime Time
NYX Round Lipstick in B52 and Tea Rose
At least, now I have another item (lipstick) else than foundation and makeup base, Lol.
I bought the BE Prime Time, as I read from Sephora, they are best seller for primer. It was a good time to buy, because Ulta had 15% discount last month. I was surprised to see how small the size, but it's 30 ml though, standard quantity. If less than that, I would think that the primer is expensive =( But sad, the box suffered from damage. Maybe u find it weird, but all my makeup stuffs still in the packaging box. Kinda obsessive compulsive, huh ? :p
Anyway, I have one question, if u can have one of my gifts, which one will u choose ?
That's all for today. Happy weekend =)

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Birthday hauls !

Finally ! My birthday ! So I can reveal all my stuffs that I got for mysel, Lol.
I am so happy with all that I got.
And I wish myself all the best for me and my dreams to be come true :D
So here it is, something to refreshen ur eyes !

Yeah, that's what I got for 2 weeks before my birthday ! yay !

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15
Chanel Mat Lumiere

Stila Illuminating Foundation
Givenchy Sub'limine Foundation

Le Blanc De Chanel
Clinqiue Superfit foundation

MUFE HD Foundation

All items that I got here, mostly because they are the best selling items or I got in very cheap price. Lol, I am a cheap shit :p
For example, Stila originally is RM 145, but they sell it RM 40 when they have sale ! I just can't resist myself, even though I am not a fan of Stila. I have bad experience with Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. It turned ugly on me !
If u asked the total damage, hah ! I better keep it for myself :p
Now I am officialy member of Chanel cosmetics ! Wee hee !
I know it's kinda boring as all I got are foundations and makeup base.
But no worry, next haul will be different !
In June I will have my second haul for my birthday, Lol. Too bad I cant get my US spree stuffs by today. I will get it tomorrow in post office :D
And for the review, I will try it one by one. Hope u all can be patient, as I won't use all immediately. I want to keep it first, Lol.
Have a nice day everybody !!!

Happy Birthday =)

I am wishing myself a happy lovely birthday and praying that all my dreams and wishes come true =)
Indeed, I am happy because my friends gave me surprise.
We had photoshoot for our class in front of the library and after finished, we still enjoyed taking our pictures. Until suddenly, my friends sang happy birthday to me. When I turned back, I saw my 2 friends brought a cake with greetings on it.
I am so happy and I felt like I did not deserve it as I am not a good friend.
They are too nice to me, but I am really appreciated what they did =)
As my promise, I will reveal all my birthday gifts by today, but too bad, my another stuffs from US spree have not reach me yet. I think I have to take it in the post office -.-'
Should I reveal what I got ?
I will, but maybe later =p


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am touched !

I got this from vonvon =)
This award as appreciation to someone that u think inspired u and friendly. Wow ! Thanks vonvon =)
While me, I will give this award to all beauty bloggers as they are really inspiring =) Since read review about makeup, I become more critical with my makeup. Not just something that I put on my face, but have to see and feel if it suits me, good quality and worth to buy.
And finally I am out of my comfort zone, I am planning to order eyeshadow together with the primer with Ryan =) I think I want to order from Revlon, want do u think ?
Yeah I bite my own tongue, as in previous post I said that I don't want to buy anything from Ulta n Drugstore.
So what ? It's good think, right ?
I want to be good in makeup or maybe excellent ! Lol.
I really love makeup so much, it's my therapy and always work !
Tomorrow is my birthday n it's the time to reveal all my birthday hauls.
Stay tune =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drugstore sale

I got email from drugstore.com, it said that they have 20% discount for anything..
That's cool but now I'm not that interested anymore with drugstore.com. It's boring, everytime is just a same thing. So is Ulta.
I wish I can get some stuffs from Bobbi Brown, but if order from US will be more expensive >.<
I am wondering what is the best seller item from Bobbi Brown else than the gel eyeliner.
I want to get more variety stuffs, as for birthday gifts, I bought lots of same things but different brands.
But u wont hear me buy things from MAC or eyeshadow..Both things are not my liking.
MAC, so stereotype. Everybody has it. Mostly like it. For me it's boring. And the SA here is not nice. Watching us like we want to steal some stuffs and they are ready to get us in caught.
Eyeshadow. Too formal, too much for daily makeup. Maybe u can wear for party, but errm I dont like party =p
Maybe I will spend my money for eyeliner and blusher. Should I give a try for eyeshadow ?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A blur future

Counting down the days until I graduate..
I am so lazy and no spirit at all to do my assignments..It's so boring that u have to do same thing each semester, only different topic and quantity.
I am wondering if I can be a designer as I am no passion to fashion design. I like to design but I dont like to sew and draft. Even choose the right fabric, I am not good at all.
I am still willing to work in fashion field..but I prefer for makeup now.
My parents and bf put a hope on me to be a successful designer, but somehow, I am no longer want to be a designer.
I am afraid that Im gonna be useless.
I am afraid that I make my parents dissapointed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I need help

When vonvon told me that she couldn't give comment, I thought it was my mistaken because I have not changed the comment moderation yet.
But then, when I recheck, it's no use after I changed the moderation !
Anyone can help me ?
Sigh...I want something nice as the layout of my blog, but it seems troublesome as I am not that smart about computer thingy.
O, btw I have finally received my package, where in previous post I was upset and angry.
But now I am so relieved =)
On Friday I will refreshen ur eyes with some porn pictures, Lol.
Nah..this blog has not changed into adult blog with the dirty stuff =p
What I meant is, pics of my hauls.
I am excited ! Yee hee !
Another happiness is that 2-3 people bought my stuffs that I sell and I hope with this extra money, I will survive until Early June =p
I just feel bad if I ask for my mom to send money so soon. She has to spend money for my brother tuition fee and my sista marriage.
So I have to try what I can do, before I desperately need money.
Maybe around July I will try to find a job. I want to work for Suria Meriang company =p
And I will be nice and hard working SA ! As I have some bad experiences with SA.
Yeah maybe u find it weird why I want to work as SA, but for me it looks fun. Maybe it will be bored if it's very quite, but u can use ur time to try the products. So when customer ask u, u know what to asnwer =p I am good remembering something. When I had my internship, I remember all the bags prices and the type of the bags =p
Pray hard to get a job soon. So my parents can let go a bit preasure that they have =)

Btw, send to my email la_femmefatale@rocketmail.com to help me fix out the comment thingy problem. Help ! Thanks ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bobbi Brown at the Gardens, MidVal

I seldom check Bobbi Brown counter as I think the products that they have only suitable for mature woman. But hey, on Friday I will be mature, 22 years old quite mature I think =P
So today I went to BB counter at Isetan, The Gardens. When I reached there, not even any single SA was at the counter.
So, finally I tried and cleaned all by myself when I wanted to try something.
O, my..I was thinking if i want to buy something, who will help me to find the right shade for me ? Who gonna takes the item from the drawer ? Me ? Don't blame me for doing so.
I felt I was in supermarket, where u have to serve urself.
Sigh...I wish I can email Suria Meriang Sdn Bhd about this, but too bad I can't find the email. I don't want to call them as I don't want to waste my credits, which I prefer to spend to call my parents in Indonesia.
After I spent my happy lonely time at the BB counter, I went to Guerain counter to check Parure Extreme which I'm interested on. But, the price is so expensive and after had a long chat with the SA, I found out she didn't have the stock for my shade -.-' But at least I comfort to be there and she's so nice =)
Move from Isetan, I went to Robinsons to redeem my RM 10 voucher that I got last week =)
Again, it happened when I had to serve myself. Until another SA from another counter reminded the counter where I had been to serve me. Right after that, the SA of the counter said sorry and served me well =) She gave free sample, maybe as apologize.
I bought something from this counter. I hope I'm gonna love it because it has good reviews in MakeupAlley.
This will be my last birthday gift. After this, I have to starve myself so I have enough money until next month. I hope I can survive !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am pissed off

I should receive another package yesterday, but I have not got it until today.
Possibly, I will not get it by today as it's public holiday. Happy Vesak btw =)
I am so worried now and I don't expect that my package is lost. Touch wood*
The problem started when the seller sent using post express, while I asked for register mail.
I asked for using register mail because I have some buyers that said they have bad experience using post express. Another reason is, the item that I bought from her is kinda bulky, where did the heck u think to send it by post express ?
She changed the postage method without my acknowledgement. It's so not professional and u have no right to do so.
She said it's not her responsible if the package is lost.
For God sake...
I dare to say that is part of ur responsiblity for lacking of professionalism.
If until Monday I have not receive anything yet, I am gonna shoot u !
I had been wanting this item since long time ago. When finally I can get it, u ruined it !
It's my birthday gift !
Furthermore, u asked me to call the customer service of post office by myself !
U really don't care if I cant' get my package.
I will not buy anything from u anymore ! U ruined my day !

Friday, May 8, 2009

My New Blog

I have closed my old blog and open the new one.
I think my old blog is kinda messy and boring.
My old blog is a practice for me to learn how to write properly and more interesting.
Maybe one day I can be a fashion editor ;)
I hope my new blog will be much better.
And I welcome to u all my readers =)
Happy reading n enjoying my blog and please don't hesitate to give ur comments and critics ^^