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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday =)

I am wishing myself a happy lovely birthday and praying that all my dreams and wishes come true =)
Indeed, I am happy because my friends gave me surprise.
We had photoshoot for our class in front of the library and after finished, we still enjoyed taking our pictures. Until suddenly, my friends sang happy birthday to me. When I turned back, I saw my 2 friends brought a cake with greetings on it.
I am so happy and I felt like I did not deserve it as I am not a good friend.
They are too nice to me, but I am really appreciated what they did =)
As my promise, I will reveal all my birthday gifts by today, but too bad, my another stuffs from US spree have not reach me yet. I think I have to take it in the post office -.-'
Should I reveal what I got ?
I will, but maybe later =p