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Friday, May 29, 2009

June Shopping List

What's in my list :

  1. Another foundation
  2. Another Primer
  3. Bronzer
  4. Highlighter
  5. Gel Eyeliner
  6. Cleansing oil
  7. Eyelash curler

I know it's not necessary for me to buy foundation and primer as I have a lot. But I am still looking for my HG for both of them. So it's a good reason for me to spend some money for that :D I already have in my mind which brand I want to get, just hope they have promotion so I can get freebies or voucher :D And of course, a great product that worth to spend.

While for bronzer and highligther, I have no idea from what brand I should get. Any suggestion ? Quite difficult to find liquid highlighter. Mostly they have it in shimmer blush or compact powder. Sigh...

While for gel eyeliner, I have made order, but I will reveal once I got it in my hand :D Probably u know I get it from what brand, but there's an unknown brand that I ordered also. It looks cute in the picture :p Cleansing oil and eyelash curler, this brand is knownable for that. It's the expert for cleansing oil and eyelash curler. Eyelash curler that I have now is sucks. I hope I won't be disspointed with my new eyelash curler :)

What's ur shopping list in June ? Share with me ;)