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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am pissed off

I should receive another package yesterday, but I have not got it until today.
Possibly, I will not get it by today as it's public holiday. Happy Vesak btw =)
I am so worried now and I don't expect that my package is lost. Touch wood*
The problem started when the seller sent using post express, while I asked for register mail.
I asked for using register mail because I have some buyers that said they have bad experience using post express. Another reason is, the item that I bought from her is kinda bulky, where did the heck u think to send it by post express ?
She changed the postage method without my acknowledgement. It's so not professional and u have no right to do so.
She said it's not her responsible if the package is lost.
For God sake...
I dare to say that is part of ur responsiblity for lacking of professionalism.
If until Monday I have not receive anything yet, I am gonna shoot u !
I had been wanting this item since long time ago. When finally I can get it, u ruined it !
It's my birthday gift !
Furthermore, u asked me to call the customer service of post office by myself !
U really don't care if I cant' get my package.
I will not buy anything from u anymore ! U ruined my day !