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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drugstore sale

I got email from drugstore.com, it said that they have 20% discount for anything..
That's cool but now I'm not that interested anymore with drugstore.com. It's boring, everytime is just a same thing. So is Ulta.
I wish I can get some stuffs from Bobbi Brown, but if order from US will be more expensive >.<
I am wondering what is the best seller item from Bobbi Brown else than the gel eyeliner.
I want to get more variety stuffs, as for birthday gifts, I bought lots of same things but different brands.
But u wont hear me buy things from MAC or eyeshadow..Both things are not my liking.
MAC, so stereotype. Everybody has it. Mostly like it. For me it's boring. And the SA here is not nice. Watching us like we want to steal some stuffs and they are ready to get us in caught.
Eyeshadow. Too formal, too much for daily makeup. Maybe u can wear for party, but errm I dont like party =p
Maybe I will spend my money for eyeliner and blusher. Should I give a try for eyeshadow ?