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Sunday, May 17, 2009

MUFE HD Foundation Review

Finally, I got this foundation and this is the first time I bought used item. I never buy used item as I want it to be clean and I am the first one who touch and try it.
I have no idea why I bought this even though it's used.
But, oh well it's not important.
The most important is if I am satisfy and like the product.
What do u think about this foundation ?
It's a best seller in Sephora and tons of good reviews from MakeupAlley.
Am I including the fans of this foundation ?
So, let's start.
I got shade 117, which is suitable for light skin with yellow skin tone. The seller said that we can't get this shade in Malaysia and she bought this from US.

The texture is quite thick, that's what I felt when I blended on my hand.

And when I dot the foundation on my face, then used the sponge to blend it, somehow, the foundation became dry. So it's quite hard to blend it on my face, as the result will be cakey and difficult to absorp in our skin. It feels like we use mask on our face.

This is me before using the foundation, only moisturizer then primer. U can see clearly the red bumps, scars, spots, whatever those are.

And this is the result after using it, better complexion :D

Overall, MUFE HD Foundation gives me good coverage and oil control. But it dries up fastly before we blend it on our face or probably it's because I used old stuffs ? I am not comfortable and satisfied enough with this foundation because it looked cakey. So I give this foundation 3.5 from 5 :D

And here I am after using blusher and loose powder :D

Cheers and have a nice day !