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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bobbi Brown at the Gardens, MidVal

I seldom check Bobbi Brown counter as I think the products that they have only suitable for mature woman. But hey, on Friday I will be mature, 22 years old quite mature I think =P
So today I went to BB counter at Isetan, The Gardens. When I reached there, not even any single SA was at the counter.
So, finally I tried and cleaned all by myself when I wanted to try something.
O, my..I was thinking if i want to buy something, who will help me to find the right shade for me ? Who gonna takes the item from the drawer ? Me ? Don't blame me for doing so.
I felt I was in supermarket, where u have to serve urself.
Sigh...I wish I can email Suria Meriang Sdn Bhd about this, but too bad I can't find the email. I don't want to call them as I don't want to waste my credits, which I prefer to spend to call my parents in Indonesia.
After I spent my happy lonely time at the BB counter, I went to Guerain counter to check Parure Extreme which I'm interested on. But, the price is so expensive and after had a long chat with the SA, I found out she didn't have the stock for my shade -.-' But at least I comfort to be there and she's so nice =)
Move from Isetan, I went to Robinsons to redeem my RM 10 voucher that I got last week =)
Again, it happened when I had to serve myself. Until another SA from another counter reminded the counter where I had been to serve me. Right after that, the SA of the counter said sorry and served me well =) She gave free sample, maybe as apologize.
I bought something from this counter. I hope I'm gonna love it because it has good reviews in MakeupAlley.
This will be my last birthday gift. After this, I have to starve myself so I have enough money until next month. I hope I can survive !