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Monday, May 11, 2009

I need help

When vonvon told me that she couldn't give comment, I thought it was my mistaken because I have not changed the comment moderation yet.
But then, when I recheck, it's no use after I changed the moderation !
Anyone can help me ?
Sigh...I want something nice as the layout of my blog, but it seems troublesome as I am not that smart about computer thingy.
O, btw I have finally received my package, where in previous post I was upset and angry.
But now I am so relieved =)
On Friday I will refreshen ur eyes with some porn pictures, Lol.
Nah..this blog has not changed into adult blog with the dirty stuff =p
What I meant is, pics of my hauls.
I am excited ! Yee hee !
Another happiness is that 2-3 people bought my stuffs that I sell and I hope with this extra money, I will survive until Early June =p
I just feel bad if I ask for my mom to send money so soon. She has to spend money for my brother tuition fee and my sista marriage.
So I have to try what I can do, before I desperately need money.
Maybe around July I will try to find a job. I want to work for Suria Meriang company =p
And I will be nice and hard working SA ! As I have some bad experiences with SA.
Yeah maybe u find it weird why I want to work as SA, but for me it looks fun. Maybe it will be bored if it's very quite, but u can use ur time to try the products. So when customer ask u, u know what to asnwer =p I am good remembering something. When I had my internship, I remember all the bags prices and the type of the bags =p
Pray hard to get a job soon. So my parents can let go a bit preasure that they have =)

Btw, send to my email la_femmefatale@rocketmail.com to help me fix out the comment thingy problem. Help ! Thanks ;)