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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush review

Love this brush so much. I almost sell it but then I decided to give a try.
I'm a blusher freak and it's important for me to use it and look perfect with blush. However, I'm not confident enough that I already good enough with my method when I apply blusher.
I watched video tutorial and found the good one.
She used MAC Brush 187, but I'm not tempted to get that brush as it's expensive, so I use the brush that I already owned.
I saw my make up case and realized that I never use this brush before. I was not sure I want to use it for what purpose. I was thinking that if I used it for blusher, it would end up not nice as the brush is too big.
But I was so wrong when I used it 2 days ago. It applied smoothly on my cheeks and gave me soft finishing. The powders that picked up from this brush definitely stick on my cheeks, not at the brush.
Now it's my favorite if I want to use blusher, especially pigmented blusher such as NARS. For me, this is my MAC 187 but cheaper. I bought it for $28, now they increase the price to $30.
For not so pigmented, I prefer use MAC 168, the angled blush brush. I learned how to use blusher using MAC 168 from video tutorial too, before this I used it for bronzer. But it's too fluffy and too big as I apply bronzer for contouring.
Now I'm using another brush for bronzer which works so well and I will do the review soon.


Anonymous said...

Its always good to give brushes a second chance. And so glad you like it now! It looks super soft!