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Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to MAC old collection

picture credits to beautyaddict.blogspot.com

Still remember this collection ? MAC Beauty Powder Blush collection in March 2008.
I was looking for it as I like the blushers from that collection. I am late as a MAC collector. And I just can't ignore this collection, I love blusher so much and I had seen the swatches. So lovely.
Two days ago finally I had one of them which my most favorite among other blusher based on the swatches.
I got it by online, I joined a forum and she had MAC Joyous which she decided to sell. She only used it for 3 times and sell it for RM 70.20 including shipping if convert to Ringgit.
I don't need to think twice.
Two days ago I received it. Very fast seller. I paid on 1st Sept, I received it in the next day.
The color is peachy almost to orange I think.
I have yet wear it, tomorrow I will meet my bf and planning to use it :D