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Friday, September 4, 2009

My bf's favourite :D

Last week my bf asked me to wear new blusher that I got from him. So between Pink Swoon and Pinch O Peach, I chose Pink Swoon. Both of them are popular in Makeupalley. So I think I made a good choice to get them both :D
When me and my bf met, he asked what blusher that I used. I told him it's Pink Swoon that I got from him. He looked amazed and he said that he liked it so much :D
He said it's the most natural blusher that I ever worn and it's the greatest among those blushers that I had used. Usually he could see that I use blusher, but with Pink Swoon I looked naturally blushing :p
I think I have to learn how to use blusher to look more natural.
Maybe I used too much and looked fake.
Well thanks to my bf, with his honesty I knew my mistake xD


amynaree said...

i've heard so much about pink swoon, i really want to try it now!

Khymm said...

i have pink swoon too, but i sold it coz i have to layer so that the color will show through. very ti,e consuming.. i prefer dollymix applied with a light hand..

Meri L said...

amynaree : Yeah u should try it and do let me know how u find it ;)

Khymm : yeah I need 2-3 times to swipe until the color showed, but it's worthy since it's so pretty ;)
I think I should get Dollymix too :D