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Friday, June 5, 2009

A little bit personal of me

This post has nothing to do with beauty..I just felt like want to share with u all.
Last nite I was calling my bf for hundred times, from 10 pm until 1am, he didn't answer at all.
I was panicking. It's not bcoz I was afraid he cheated on me, but I was afraid that something happened to him. I could not imagine that..
I tried to call his best friend, but no answer..Left me with the frustrated feeling, I cried.
I had no idea what should I do. He's in Indonesia, I could not go to his house to check his condition.
I was really scared if the worst nightmare came to crash my life. He's not only my bf, but he's someone in my life. We had shared lots of things together, all pains and happiness.
He's really important for me. I know him for 5 years, since that he is always be my comfort zone. I share whole things with him. He never complain when I talk about makeup. He even said I was smart for all acknowledge that I have about makeup. If he could help me to buy makeup, he will be so happy for me.
After became so frustrated, finally he answered my call. I shout and I cried. He told me that he was sick and fell a sleep. He silent his phone. I was very angry and relieved in the same time to know that he's still there.
I know that I think too much. But I really don't want to lose him >.< No one can change his position in my heart.
He won't cheat. I know him. I believe in him. Once he told me that he worked so hard, only for me. He even tried to get another job, so he could get more salary.
One thing that he shoud know, I could not be happier else than be with him.
Another 3 weeks I will go back to Indonesia and I can't wait to hold his hand..

I love u so much, my treasure...
I want to grow old with u..Only u.