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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love ur local cosmetic brand

Makeup brands that are famous usually is from US, Europe ( French, Italy), Japan and Korea.
MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Lunasol, who doesn't know that brand ?
But how about brand from Malaysia or Indonesia ? Mostly people, especially from their own country doesnt know either care. Rather than spend the money for local brand, they prefer famous brand that assure u good quality and worthy to spend. That's what we call playing safe.
But for me, who collect makeup and like to try something different, I would like to try local makeup brand from Indonesia.
Why not ? I gave myself a chance to try MAC, indeed I love MAC so much. So now, I want to be more adventurous with makeup ;) A brand that I want to try is PAC. Na ah, it's not fake MAC. PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetic. First launched was in 1997 and the owner is Martha Tilaar. This cosmetic suits for u who are looking for stage makeup, bridal with a very fine quality, water resistant with lots of color selections.
Me personally interested to get these :

Blush palette and based on the picture, the colors look so pretty :D

Professional Makeup Kit. I know I am far from professional, but it doesnt mean I cant have this makeup kit, right ? :D This set contains :
- 6 Creamy Foundations
- 4 Liquid Foundations
- 6 Two Way Cakes
- 2 Loose Powders
- 2 Shimmering Powders
- 4 Blush On
- 24 Pressed Eye Shadows
- 12 Lipsticks
Aiyaya, so tempted ! Btw, I have tried the eyeshadow, which owned by my friend. It's very pigmented and the colors are pretty. The package is Lancome look alike, but I think the price is more afforadble. Not sure yet, since I never go to the counter. But now, yes I want to try.
Next week I'm going back to Indonesia, yay ! Cant wait to shop with my bf :D
Btw, if someone wants to get PAC, can email me as I will come back to Malaysia in July =)
For details, check here, www.pacbeauty.com.
Meri L


Shuu said...

Hey I think I've seen it somewhere before but I didn't know it's from Martha Tilaar. Whew cool~~
I'm going back indo next wednesday too :P Gotta put it on my "must-check-out" list lolz

Meri L said...

Which part r u in Indonesia ? Jkt ? Some of my friends, even my sista use PAC and they like it. I want the blush palette and I hope it's affordable :D

puss.in.heels said...

Hi Meri,

I have a few of PAC products and I must say it is pretty good brand for its price. Of course with any brand, high end or drugstore, you'll find some that won't work for you, but so far, I like this brand. Their shadows are worth checking out, and I also like their liquid foundation. For the price, they are pretty good quality!

Meri L said...

puss.in.heels : Hallo dear =D Wow, u have ever went to Indonesia before ? U convince me to get PAC now and btw, Happy birthday to u ! Wish u all the best ^^ If u want something from PAC, do let me know =)

Lola said...

Hello Meri!

First timer here! Seen the PAC w/site, KD line is super pretty, esp the cream blush. Do you know what is the price range for PAC in Indo?

Meri L said...

Hallo Lola !
Welcome to my blog :D I am not sure about the price. Once Im in Indonesia, I will check it. Probably the price will be affordable =)

puss.in.heels said...

You can also find PAC at selected Guardian pharmacies. I've seen the brand at Guardian KLCC, MidValley and Ikano! Have a great holiday in Indonesia!! :)

Shuu said...

I'm from papua :P
Anyway, now I know why the brand sounds so familiar! I saw it once at Parkson and since I vaguely remember it, I decided to pay a visit to Parkson today lol
Their e/s are pretty and pigmented. They have palettes as well with affordable price. I guess I'll check first when I go back Indo :P Who knows it might be cheaper ;)