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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another MAC haul =p

I am such a MAC whore, LOL. Now I have 15 plus stuffs from MAC. And I wish to get other stuff, but have to postpone, as I want to buy something for my mom. Hope readers from Malaysian can help to clear my stuffs =p
Last Monday I received my package as I ordered MAC by online.
And I did before I am planning to buy something for my mom, so forgive me to spend money for myself :D
This is what I got :

Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche, Lustre Drops in Sun Rush and Pink Rebel. All from Style Warrior collection. I had tried all of them and I love it =)
What do u like from Style Warrior collection ? Do share with me =)

Out of topic, today I had done my final presentation and I was so relieved. It's my last semester and I will miss everything that I had there..
I will miss my friends.
I will miss the time we stayed at university.
I will miss the time we eat together with all the laugh and stupid joke.
I will miss the time we were gossiping about people.
I learnt lots of things since I stay abroad, far from my home.
I am really thankful to God and parents for giving me a chance to have this kind of experience.
It's precious, something that I might not get if I studied in Indonesia.
I always love when I can learn, see and feel something that I never had before.
After this, I will have my real life where I have to survive and work harder. However, I just want to enjoy my life. So money is not an issue for me. It's a lie if I said money is not important, if I don't like money. I need money, it is important. But it's not everything, money can't buy a happiness for u.
Let's compare. When u buy Chanel bag, Salvtore Ferragamo shoes, how long the happiness will be last ? Compare to, u do charity, help people and make a surprise for people that u love.
Personally, I always happy and glad when I can do something for people. When I do charity, I feel so relieve. When I can make my bf, friends and family smile or laugh, it's so priceless.
Especially for my Dad, he never complain, he is very quite man. We seldom talk and spend time together. We are not that close.
But I really love him so much. I will do everything to make him happy. He works so hard and seldom spend time with me. I won't be a bad girl just because less attention that I got. I won't complain. This is his way to show how he loves me. He won't say that he loves me directly. I respect him.
I always feel excited if I can buy food that he may like, if we can go dinner together.
One day I wish to say that I love him so much and I am proud to be his daugther.
I love my family to death.
I will, one day, be succeed in my carrier, I believe and I have to make it. Just for u Dad..
Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom too, but she's an expressionist, it's easy to know how she feels and I am not shy to hug and kiss her. On the other hand, my dad is a shy and quite guy.
To see him laugh is just like a treasure.
I hope I could bring happiness more than all the pains he and my mom had..
I hope I can spend more time with them, to pay all the precious thing that I passed as I am oversea.

Remember, whenever, wherever, u can find a friend. But, u can't find family in other places.
So, use ur time wisely before u regret that. It's not a lie that one day u can't see them any longer in ur life. And I don't want to cry for that.
U won't know how happy they are when u hug them and u say that u love them..