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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I want these

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. It lauched around April 2009 in US if not mistaken. Maybe will come to Malaysia a bit late or we won't see it in here. It gives more coverage than Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and it contains SPF 20.

Paul and Joe Protecting FLuid Foundation. It's mostly beauty bloggers favourite and I want it too >.<>

Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation. Actually I want to try the cream foundation, but I hate the packaging. But well, all cream foundation come in that packaging. So I prefer to get this one, which more hygienic. Do u think that they will perform in a same way ? As I know cream foundation has better coverage.

Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation. I can't find it in Malaysia, but probably will launch sooner or later. The packaging is plain boring, but I heard lots of good things about this foundation. I am a sucker for foundation, so I should try any foundation that mostly beauty blogger think is good.

Honestly, I want to get all liquid foundations from high end brand. U name it, I want it. Guerlain, Shiseido, Lancome, Make Up For Ever, Estee Lauder, all in my wish list, lol. Foundation, primer or makeup base and blusher have been my favourites. It's a must for me to get of them whenever I go to shop.

I love makeup base since I tried Laneige Makeup Prime Sebum Control and so far I have around 8 bottles of primer/makeup base. Mostly are so-so, only certain products that give me smooth canvas feeling :D
For primer it doesn't have to come from high end brand, as I have from Etude House and The Faceshop.

Now I need to save my money, a lot. For new MAC collection, Colour Craft and the foundations that in my wish list. Paul and Joe Protecting Fluid foundation is much cheaper in Indonesia, but harder to get compare to Malaysia. I only can find in one place to get this foundation, but I think it's worthy to put a little bit more effort to get this foundation or else, I will get the Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation ;)

What's ur favourite foundation ? Share with me and maybe I will tempted to get it :D

Happy loving foundation day ! ( what kind of day is that ? LOL)


Meri L


eclecticsatire said...

My current favourite foundation is Prescriptives' Custom Blend Foundation. (:


Meri L said...

O, ya I know about that one, but it's kinda pricey right ? I wish all brands in US will be in Malaysia soon, LOl.

Shuu said...

You should definitely try out Estee Lauder Double Lightwear foundation, it's so light and natural. As well as Guerlain Parure Extreme, not to mention it smells good too :P I do have an addiction over base and blushes too. I think I should seriously ban myself from anymore shopping before my mum starts screaming at me lolz.
Anyway, currently for everyday foundation I like I Nuovi Face Fix SPF20. It leaves my skin smooth and has semi-matte finish :) Although the packaging sucks, the product itself is pretty good. It's the foundation I always go for when I get up late :P

Meri L said...

Guerlain Parure Extreme -.-' It has been in my wish for long time..That time I almost buy, but the SA made me not sure to get it. She kinda not really know what she sells. But, one day I will get it. Estee Lauder, actually I always think that it's for mature, but I do interested with Double Wear Light as it can be use for daily makeup. But Im so broke now -.-'
I hate I Nuovi packaging..Everything there is look cheap for me =p

Shuu said...

I had similar mindset too about Estee Lauder until the SA let me try on the double wear light foundation :P I bought one and love it to bits. xD. It's good for everyday foundation as it's pretty light and has matte to semi-matte finish. Well you can put it in your wish list first :P. I also heard that Cle de Peau foundation is good, but,but,but... the price is a bomb. haha.
Tell me about it! Their packaging sucks big time and not practical. I depot all of the shadows as I hate the dome-shaped pan! lol. I like how the concealer gives me control on the amount squirted out, but again, packaging sucks and look damn cheap. I think they should seriously re-design the packaging -_-

Meri L said...

Shuu : Cle de Peau, Omg I think I will get it when I am a billionaire, LOL.
Yeah, I Nuovi should change the packaging ! At least make it simple yer elegant, as the trademark color is red it wont be so difficult :D