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Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Home ! Yee pee !

Hi everybody ! Sorry these 3 days no updates from me. I was in Genting on Tuesday and Wednesday. And here's I am, at home, Indonesia !
I was stuck in the car for 2,5 hours bcoz traffic jam ! Sigh..Indonesia is famous for that.
When I just reached home, I met mom and after that we had long chat. I am happy. Usually I am afraid to talk with her. She's a bit changed this year, that's why we are getting further. Well, I hope our relationship is getting better.
Oh well, lets talk about makeup. I haven't go to any shopping mall yet, but I check from the magazine. The currency that I used is RM 1 = Rp 3,000.
Some of them come cheaper here, here's a price list :
YSL Touche Eclat = RM 100
MUFE HD Foundation = RM 125
MUFE HD Primer = RM 105
Anna Sui Pressed Powder = RM 122
MAC Strobe Cream = RM 143
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler = RM 62.67
Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher = RM 72.67
PAC Eye Shadow Powder = RM 19.17

MAC, Shu Uemura and Etude House I think it's more expensive in Indonesia. So I will indulge myself with other brand that might be cheaper here. I want to get Lunasol, MUFE, Paul and Joe and PAC. My sister and my bf are busy, they can't company me =(
I can't wait to shop ! My bf said that he wanted to buy me present for my birthday gift. Of course Im gonna use it for makeup :D
What's ur shopping list ? Share with me =)

Meri L


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hiya, dropping by. Enjoy your time back home :) As for my shopping list - bought alot of new items, so excited about them :) Have a fab weekend.

eclecticsatire said...

You are back home too! LOL! It is SHOPPING TIME! :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

It may sound a bit lame, but being on Blogger has really enlightened me on some stuff. Like all the different currencies that are out there and I've just been opened up to so many different cultures and lifestyles around the world. Sorry if this comment seemed a bit random. lol