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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Flower Silky Makeup Base review

description : formulated with edible petal extract and powders, this makeup base softens skin and evens out tone for a silky smooth finish.

It was my first time to purchase face makeup product from The Faceshop. Used to I have the gel eyeliner, but it's just ok, nothing special. And it was my first time either to get myself makeup base which has color. I got mine in Light Purple, another choice is green.
The reason I myself makeup base with color which also known as corrector, is for brighten my dull and tired skin. Some brand has lots of color selections, blue, pink, white, beige, silver, etc.

I will start my review with the packaging. It's humongous ! I don't think it's necessary, as the quantity is only 35ml. Laneige Makeup Primer is 50 ml, but more handy and didn't waste ur makeup box space.
When I pumped out the makeup base, what I saw is a very light purple fluid which the texture is light and watery. It makes the makeup base easy to blend and absorp into our skin. When I smelled it, there's a light flower scent. Still acceptable rather than Laneige skincare product.
Basically, I didn't see any difference when I used this product. I didn't see that my skin look fresh or oh-so-healthy. It's still same like I used my other primer.
So I think this product is just fine for me. I didn't have any breakouts or make my face oilier.
I will keep it but I won't re-purchase when it's finished. I want to try from MAC, but Stephen said I don't need it :D Yves Saint Laurent has same product called Radiant base, which I love so much and I want to get it ! Soon I get it, I will tell u why I love it :D
Meri L


Chomsiri said...

thanks for the review!

you know, at first i thought it was a dildo, LOL!

Meri L said...

LOL ! I felt like I post something that I shouldn't =p

dsy said...

hi.. thx for reviewing this product... I kinda really wanna try this one
The packaging is a bit dull, isn't it? not so cute :P