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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Shu Uemura haul

Actually I got this yesterday but since I don't have anything to take a picture, I decided not to post about it. But I felt like I want to share and waiting for my sista's DSLR is too long -.-'

So here's what I got :

Makeup train case, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. All pictures are not mine. Really sorry about that.
Finally I have the best eyelash curler ever ! :D
I already tried the cleansing oil and eyelash curler, but I am not so sure to do the review now =p
My makeup train case comes in medium size with 2 train cases. I wish one day I will have much bigger one, which look like luggage =p
I love makeup more and more. I want collect more and more :D
Btw, I am very happy today for several reasons. I did charity, I helped old lady and a family, and someone said," Do u know that u r gorgeous ?". Yay ! Yay ! Yay ! I feel much better than 2 days ago when my phones were broke. Wee hee ! I feel so good when I do charity, it's not my money though, so it's for my parents sake =) The old man gave me candies and another one gave tissue as it's his way to show appreciation. I wish one day I can do more. I cant stand when I saw old man/lady should work so hard where they should spend quality time in their life. I mean, it's enough u worked so hard when u were young and there's a time for u to take a rest.
I should work hard for my parents, bring them to Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places.
My dad is 60 years old now but he's still working until now >.< All his friends have grandchildren, while he has to wait until my sista gets married.
I don't want to have kids, so for this one, he cant put a hope on me =p
I cant wait to go back to Indonesia, miss my family and bf. Honey, I'm waiting for my birthday gift :D

Happy weekdays and share whatever u have to people surround u !

Meri L


eclecticsatire said...

I am loving that traincase! Great haul! :D


#ChRiS# said...

How much is the train case ya...

Narita said...

Great haulage, sweetie! You are a wonderful daughter and have such good heart!

Shuu said...

wow you bought their train case! cool :D
I love Shu Uemura cleansing oil, they do a great job and they smell great too (I particularly like the fresh one) ^^
Nice haul anyway!

Meri L said...

ecleticsatire : Thanks dear, maybe u should get one too ;)

#ChRiS# : It's RM 90, u can find from lowyat.net or else Sungai Wang Plaza the uppest floor, they got more choices with affordable price =)

Narita : Thanks for the compliment. I just do what I should do ^^

Shuu : No, the train case is not from Shu Uemura, it's too expensive. But Im planning one day to get the biggest size that they have which cost around RM 2,100 -.-'

#ChRiS# said...

RM90 is affordable, i know the top floor in Sg Wang, i got a few from there b4 but haven see this one... Will go check it out soon... :)

fuzkittie said...

Great haul~ I like their cleansing oil. I don't want damn kids either, hahaha.

Meri L said...

#ChRiS# : Yeah they lots of varieties in sizing and model. The price is around RM 90 to RM 100 plus. It's really worthy =)

fuzkittie : LOL. I hate kids, they are damn noisy -.-'