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Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Wish List

I really want to get this, A palette that full of colorful blushers ! I want from any brand, MAC, Coastal Scents, PAC, all brands will do ! It's quite expensive though if want to get from MAC -.-' Save my money and collect all the blushers that I like, LOL.

Btw, if there anyone have this and planning to sell, do offer to me. Thanks ^^
Have a nice day y'all.

Meri L


~Touch of Beautiness~ said...

HEY.. someone i know is selling it. not sure about the price. and i recommend u to get one.the colors are lovely! i mean don't compare it with mac blushers though. but it works good as well.

click here to view her blog. maybe u can ask her abt the price :)


Meri L said...

Thanks for recommending her to me :) Too bad it's ady sold out :">

#ChRiS# said...

I just bought this online, now waiting for it to arrive... Will let you know if it's really good... :)

Meri L said...

#ChRiS# : Thanks dear, very sweet of u ! :D