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Monday, July 13, 2009

MAC Color Craft haul

Thanks to Amy for helping me to get MAC Colour Craft collection =) She's really helpful, as MAC Indonesia maybe dont have this later. They even dont have Style Warrior, so damn bad right ?
If I didn't get it now, Im afraid it will out of stock soon. People crazy about MAC.
Im still in Indonesia, but Amy had been so nice to buy for me plus discount bcoz she is the member of MAC Pro.
Here's the picture I got from her :)

I got Fad Dabulous and Style Demon. I think they are the prettiest among all the blushers frm Colour Craft. Daft Pink and Hand Finish are too sheer I think with tons of shimmer, just like Moon River. They are more suitable for highlighting.
I havent got the MSF Smooth Merge, Im not sure if I want to get it. I prefer to get other MAC blusher hehe..
I cant wait to get these MAC blushers on my hand !
Btw should I try other blushers from Colour Craft ?
What is ur favourite blusher from MAC ?
Give me suggestion ya. Thanks =)

Meri L


AmY-AdLi said...

Style and Demon = Gorgeous !!! seriously.. hehee
too bad i dont hv enough money to buy it.. haaha..

eclecticsatire said...

I love Daft Pink and Hand-Finish. :P

Meri L said...

AmY-AdLi : Aargh now Im getting more impatient to get it ! Thanks anyway to help me get it :)

eclecticsatire : Humm..how do u find the color dear ? Im afraid it's too shimmery, just like a highlighter.

Lola said...

pretty colors meri!