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Friday, July 17, 2009

Criticism ? how do u face it ?

Hello there *waves*
I have question here which I want to share and discuss with u all.
This is about being beauty blogger, not about me actually as Im a makeup lover and collector. I still dont have that skill yet to compare with mostly beauty blogger. That's why I dont do EOTD or FOTD and since tons of beauty blogger do it, u dont need mine. So here what I want to discuss.
U are so good with makeup and u can change ur look perfectly. From plain boring to Ohmph.
People will give u compliment, u are pretty, awesome, gorgeous, etc. But how if from 100 compliments, u got 1 critic that contra with others ? Maybe it doesnt make u down, but will u accept the critic ? What I meant with critic is for example, people said ur skin look glowy, but I said ur skin looks dirty and the color doesnt suit ur eyes makeup, how do u react ?
I wont say that O u are so ugly and make me want to throw up. Nah. It's not critic. Me either do not wish that anyone will say so rude to me. But do u think I will be rude if I say the color doesnt match ? if ur skin look dirty ?
I am honest person, I will give compliment bcoz I want to and seems like it's not easy for me to give compliment. And the think is, it's not easy for people to accept critics and honesty.
I know u will hate me or think that Im bad for saying this, but once I read a blog and the bloggger isn't pretty. Personally she looks scary with her lips for me. I was wondering why people said that she's pretty. But I didnt give such comment. Not necessary to talk about people feature. When I critic someone, it should be about the makeup, right ?
I just think that when u give compliment to other blogger, is it ur honest opinion ? How if u find it doesnt look that nice ? Will u tell the truth ? Or just keep it for urself bcoz U are afraid the blogger or reader will hate u ?
U know how good the quality of ur makeup stuffs from the texture, color and bla..bla..But do u know what is the quality of nice pretty look if it's very easy for u to give compliment ? It's a question, not to sabotage or what so ever. Maybe Im kinda perfectionist, but when people do FOTD I will look so details. I like to learn from them.
That's all from me.

Meri L


Citrine said...

I personally don't mind if they are actually spending time typing and telling me that I suck...since I don't bother with 99% of the FOTD anyway nor I found anybody in the beauty blogshpere stunningly beautiful...If I see something I really don't like, I just leave...

In another way, I do think that some of the blog comment are being over nice (fake)...I have seen on a Taiwanese beauty session where a girl share her makeup look and she specifically say ;" be light handed with Nars or it will look scary..."

But anyway, (in my opinion) she ended up looking like a Beijing Opera singer and look... (quite scary) but there are still a bunch of "Wow that looks great" comments...I didn't do anything or writing my "view" over there since...If I have shit to say, I will keep it in my own place instead of venting in the public.

But anyway, praises or criticism, I don't think any of them really matter. I mean, do you really care what a stranger say about your appearance? And a random person (tell you you are the prettiest girl in the world, what difference does it make anyway?)

I will quote from a girl who said that "The people matter don't mind and the people mind don't matter."

Cris said...

I hope I'm not the blogger with the scary lips you were referring to >:-).

Lol. My thoughts on this: I'll read criticism. But I usually won't take it seriously, because I like doing make-up the way that I think looks good, even if others consider it ugly. People have different tastes. And as for my appearance, I don't consider myself pretty, so if anyone says that to me, I'll agree XD. I can still be a blogger though - many beauty bloggers are unattractive in my opinion, although I don't read those ;).

Meri L said...

Citrine : that is the longest comment I ever got xD I agree with u, when I see FOTD I prefer to leave if I dont like it =) Coz as u said they probably dont really care. But sometimes I feel like I want them to know, eventhough it's useless xD

Cris : Lol. I dont think u have scary lips xD well I think it's good to read criticism, maybe from that way u can learn to improve ur skill =) But as u said, dont too serious or heart feeling =p