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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nothing more than $20

This post was inspired and dedicated to one of my reader, addy. And I hope it will be useful for others who wants to get things from Sephora, but u are in tight budget.
For us, who don't have Sephora in our place, it will be more worthy if u find something that u cant get anywhere else. Or maybe something that u cant get in ur country, like Malaysia. We don't have NARS, DuWop, Sephora, etc. and it's kinda sad when lots of people rave about it, but we have no idea how it looks like or why people love it.
As this is for tight budget or anyone who prefer to spend the money $50 for lots of items than only one item from high end brand.
I will limit the budget to maximum $20, which means around RM 75. And honestly, I haven't tried it yet, it's not my personal view, I didn't own it. It's based on the rate and all the research that I got. U can click on the name to check it.
Cheeks (Blush/Bronzer) :
* Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals All Over face Color $18-20
Bare Escentuals is so famous in US, most of the products are makeup lover favorite. Me,
myself love the primer. Why I chose this one ?
It is natural, so 99% it's safe for ur skin.
U can get the colors depend on what u need, blusher or bronzer or luminizer.
* Sephora Harmony Trio Bronzer $16
it looks like Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown, but they only have 3 color stripes( That's why
they called as trio, duh.) The shades that they offer are only 3, Apricot, Bronze and Rose. U can
use it on ur eyes or cheeks.
* Sephora Blush Me! Mono $12
If I see this in front of me now, for sure I want to grab them all. The colors are so pretty ! If I
cant get NARS, I will get this one. I can get 2 pcs of this instead one NARS blsuher.
Eyeliner :
* Nano Eyeliner from Sephora $5
I chose this not only bcoz it's cheap, but they have lots of color selection. Mostly from the
review it said that goes on smoothly. It was considered as brand new item, but ady have 417
reviews and 3.9 out of 5.
*Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner $17
For me personally, MUFE has very good quality for most of products that they have. I think I
don't need to say a lot about MUFE. They are highly raved in Sephora and Makeupalley. They,
too have lots of color selections.
Eyeshadow :
* DuWop Duet Eyeshadow $17
U can find easily eyeshadows that are less than $20, but mostly they are OOS -.-' If u are
curious, it's from Vincent Longo and Pop Beauty. They are on sale. Maybe bcoz the price was so
expensive, but no one wanted to get it.
This DuWop Duet Eyeshadow is limited edition. Even though only has 8 reviews, they love it. Foundation :
* Sephora Hydrating & Smoothing Foundation $20
Lots of color selection. A foundation that suits normal and dry skin. Gives u satin finish and light
in texture.
Loose Powder :

* Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil $19
It's like NARS for blusher, highly raved. It is natural product that suitable for all skin type. I do
own this, it goes on smoothly andf yes, they do a great job to control oil.

Well, this is all I got. I think it's kinda difficult to get something that is very cheap as Sephora mostly sell high end brand stuffs. If they are on sale, it's very fast to OOS.
However, I hope it helps. Sorry, if I only recommend several brands. If u want to get drugstore and high end items, u can check ULTA (for u in US). Check the location http://stores.ulta.com/store/ They have Cover Girl, Max Factor, Too Faced, Urban Decay. Yeah, it's a heaven. Enjoy ur shopping time ;)

O,ya it will be great if u can recommend shopping place for makeup from all over the country that u know. Thanks ;)

Meri L


@DdY said...

Thanks for posting this :D
At least you helped me giving a rough idea on what to choose.

Meri L said...

U're welcome. Hope u will like the things that u are planning to get :)