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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woo hoo my first makeup from Shu xD

Ayaya, I am so happy ! I just came back from One Utama and of course, as a shopaholic and makeup lover, I bought something ! This is the first time I purchase makeup from Shu Uemura. I have the eyelash curler and cleansing oil though, but not the makeup. I didn't plan this at all. As I only wanted to company my friend. She bought a bronzer, while me bought 2 items from there. Woo hoo ! Yee pee ! My friend gave me her voucher RM 10 rebate to me, so I got it cheaper :D
What I got ? A secret, LOL. Bcoz I could not take a picture, I decided to keep it as a secret.
Once I go back to Indonesia, I will reveal everything to u ^^ dont even try to guess, I wont answer xD
I fall in love with his new train case, but the price is so expensive RM 1k >.< maybe one day I will get it or maybe just find the cheaper one. I have 3 makeup cases now, only 1 of them is a train case, not so big. But I kinda like it :)
Btw, have u ever purchase makeup from Shu Uemura ? How do u find it ? Share with me :D
O, ya sad story, a flagship of Shu Uemura in Jakarta had been closed ! So sad !

Have a nice weekend
Meri L

p/s : someone told me that Shu Uemura in Jakarta, Senayan not been closed. Phew...Maybe that time I went to wrong place


funkiimonkee said...

I love Shu Uemura! I bought my stuff from one utama too! They dont have it in Perth so I made a big purchase and they give lots of freebies if you ask:) I got the cleansing oils, eyeshadows, fake eyelashes and eyebrow pencil. I love them all!

Zuuchini said...

shu uemura is an incredible brand! i love their eyeshadow, very silky, so smooth!

Meri L said...

funkiimonkee : Hi funkiimonkee ! :D Too bad they dont have it in Perth, but I glad u love what u purchased =)

Zuuchini : Yeah it is, but I think sometime is overprice =( Maybe I should give a try for the eyeshadows ;)