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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Makeup from Turkey, everyone ?

Today I went to Putrajaya to sell my magazines to recycle company. Instead of an office or building, is just a truck with 3 people there. They look bored.

So I gave them job with help me moving all those boxes filled with magazines from taxy. And u know what, all my magazines weighed for 100 kg ! That's damn heavy. Yeah, I love to read. I can buy around 5 pcs magazine per month. They paid me so low, but it's ok as I dont want to keep it. And I help to save the earth ! :D
Then I went to Alamanda, visiting Parkson and I saw a brand called Farmasi.

I looked down on this brand. But my friend wanted to have a look. So we checked if any interesting stuff. I saw the marble blusher and to my surprise, it's very pigmented and smooth. The color is so pretty. I like it.
But I hate it in the same time for some reasons :

- Im not familiar and never heard about how good the makeup is. Im afraid it will harm my skin.

- the name. I feel like put drugs on my face instead of makeup.

- the packaging. Seriously ugly. Just same like Inuovi. O, please put some effort to ur packaging.
People do judge by its cover.

But seriously, I feel like want to have it.
This makeup made in Turkey. I never heard makeup from Turkey. I think US, UK, Japan and Korea should be the best for makeup line.
How about Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, etc ? I would like to know ur local brand and how the quality is. Really appreciate if someone give me more acknowledge =)
Have a nice weekend everybody.

Meri L


Banu said...

Considering the fact that the ingredients of most makeup (parafins, olive oil etc) comes from Turkey, you shouldn't be concerned that much. Turkey has some pretty good middle-end makeup brands such as Flormar, Golden Rose and more:) I think you could compare some of these products to Maybelline, L'oreal, Wet n Wild etc.

Meri L said...

Hi Banu =)thanks for ur information, really appreciate that =) Maybe I should give myself a chance to try it as they blusher is love. So pretty !