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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi there, I decided to delete my previus post as I prefer to tell u the details. Bcoz I still have unfinish-bussines, so I think it's necessary to tell u.
First, I came back to M'sia to cancel my student visa. I finished my study and I am graduated ! Too bad the result is not that good, I was very lazy. When I said cancel my visa, it's not enough to tell the student service that sentence. I had to ask for approval and attendace letter from my lecturer and other procedures.
Second, to get my certificate. Yeah I need it to find a job.
Third, move and clean all my stuffs from my house in M'sia. Tiring -.-'
I sold my electronic stuff and in the other day, I went to recycle company.
I need times to do those tasks, so I hope anyone who dealt with me will understand.
After that I stayed at hotel without I expected. None of my housemates informed me that someone has taking my room :(
So yeah, that's what happen. Sorry for being MIA. I dont have internet connection at the hotel. I need to pay and I think it's not worth it.
I only have 45 minutes until I go back to Indonesia.
After that, I will post anything that I got in M'sia. All the hauls =)
Pray for me to have a safe journey =p
Hope I can come back to M'sia soon =)

Meri L