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Thursday, August 6, 2009

NYX Haul

My first package when I just arrived in M'sia. I bought 3 pcs lipsticks, which I had no idea why suddenly I ordered lipsticks as I'm not a fan of lipstick. I didn't use lipstick much often, only when I put my makeup on. I didn't do touch up.
But, now I always bring lipstick with me whenever I go out.
So here's what I got :

I got NYX Lipsticks in Opal and Spoiled, the only one NYX Round Lipstick in Athena. All those colors were now what I expected. Spoiled is bright pink, Opal is white, Athena is light frosty pink. I was disspointed. But I decided not to throw them to the bin, I had to find a way to make it work on me. So I put Spoiled lightly and blended with my finger, it looks nice =) While others, I mix with darker color.
Have u tried any lipstick from NYX ?
Do share and recommend me =) Proud to say, I can find NYX in Indonesia :D

Meri L


@DdY said...

Hey dear, I'm one big fan one NYX lipstick and lipgloss! I would suggest to you to get B52, Tea Rose, Thalia, Circe. These 4 are among the most sort after. The colors are nice coz I own them too :D

But maybe you would like to find specific tones color?Do tell.

The Mrs Blogs said...

I have the NYX round lippie in Thalia and I'm very happy with it :) You just need to get the right shade. The colors on their site don't show the best colors so I suggest you google image the lipstick for a better view :)

Sherry said...

wow.. INdonesia.. last time I go was teen time.

Shuu said...

I love NYX lippies :) They're creamy :D I have B52, Circe and Tea Rose. I guess B52 isn't a hit for nothing. I found that I look scary with beige nude lippie like Circe so what I did was topping it off with bright red gloss. It turns out to be soft pale pink ^_^

Meri L said...

@DdY : Hi, Addy :) I have B52 and Tea Rose, I love both of them. Actually I am looking for nude lipstick or skin color. Thanks for the suggestion :)

The Mrs Blogs : Thanks for the suggestion, that time I just chose base on what I saw from the site T.T

Sherry : Maybe u can visit us next time ;)

Shuu : Yeah that's what I love from them, it's creamy :) Seems like Circe is the color that I'm looking for..Can't wait to get it ;P