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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last haul before I went back home =)

Yeah, my last package that I received exactly on the day I went back to Indonesia. I was worried for a whole week. I could not track from post Malaysia and when I went to the office center, they said they could not find it. I was hopeless.
To my surprise, when I went to my house in M'sia to take my luggage, I saw the package on my table !

That's what I got, quite a lot huh ? ;)
I got :
ELF Studio bronzer in Warm
ELF Studio bronzer in Golden
ELF Mineral blush in Rose
ELF Mineral blush in Joy
ELF Mineral blush in Bliss
NYX Lipstick in Twig
NYX Lipstick in Cocoa
NYX Lipstick in Aphrodite
NYX Lipstick in Champagne
La Femme blusher in Cyrstal Cafe
La Femme blusher in Framboeisia

It was my first time purchased ELF makeup, before this I only had the Studio powder blush that I decided to sell it. Maybe u will say that I'm stupid to sell that very nice brush, well I just have too many =p
So far I only tried the Mineral blush in Rose, no break out, long lasting and quite pigmented. It said that no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. I found that ELF is made in China, maybe that's the reason why the price is very cheap. However, I'm only interested to get the studio and mineral line. The $1, for me look like crap.
Btw, the ELF Studio bronzer is huge ! Bigger than Jane bronzer, which contained 12 gr. I have yet tried it, but it has shimmer, both of them. Too bad as I was looking for matte one.
While for La Femme, I love Framboiesia, fuchsia with shimmer. The brightest blusher I ever had I think. It looks scary, but it's so pretty once I tried it =)
And once again, I am disappointed with NYX Lipstick, Champagne and Aphrodite looked so ugly on me. Muddy lips or got poison, that's what I think when I saw my lips in the mirror. Scary.
Maybe I will use it for shading, if it works well.
Is there anyone can recommend me nude lipstick ?

Meri L


**Aly La'Kisse said...

Hey, where did you buy your ELF products??

Just curious. Oh and also considering to get their brushes.

ning * star said...

swatches please... great haul!

Meri L said...

**Aly La'Kisse : U can get it from sgdrugstore@hotmail.com =) It's pre-order so u need to wait around 3 weeks.

ning * star : Thanks :D I am lazy to do swatches xD but I will do one day, lol.

puss.in.heels said...

Hi Meri! The ELF warm bronzer is actually quite nice. The shimmers don't show up, so you can totally wear that without looking like a disco ball. The Golden bronzer is another story though. I also have the cool bronzer. This one's matte but it's not as nice as the warm one. I've yet to try the ELF Mineral blushers. How do you like them??

Meri L said...

puss.in.heels : Hi, Puss :D Thanks for the information ^^ I didn't manage to get the Cool bronzer bcoz I think the color is not nice =p
For ELF Mineral Blushers, I like it =) The colors suit well with fair to light skin tone. Maybe I will review it to give more details :)