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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First haul =)

Hallo gurls ! Seems like everybody is curious about ELF Mineral blusher that I got. I manage to post about the review but not now. Hope u can wait a lil bit longer. I have few things that I want to post about xD
First of all, I'm really excited to tell u that finally after a long time, I bought some makeup in Indonesia ! It's quite difficult since we have limited brands and even for one brand, they don't bring all the collections here. Malaysia is much better.
So here's what I got (sorry for the blur picture) :

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipstick in Pure Pleasure : Rp 50.000 or RM 17.55
Revlon New Complexion Fluid Foundation in 02 : Rp 65.000 or RM 22.80
Bourjois Blusher in 54 Rose Frisson : Rp 104.000 or RM 36.50

Proud to say that we have Bourjois here and that time they have 20% discount at Watson. The actual price is Rp 130.000 or Rm45.61. If they don't have the discount, I won't buy it =p
And yeah, another blusher after I talked to myself not to buy any blusher again, lol.
For Revlon New Complexion fluid foundation, I think it's something new for Malaysian readers. Because they don't have this in Malaysia. Correct me if I'm wrong.
This foundation promises a good coverage but u feel like wear nothing. If u check from the site, it's different from the packaging and what I read from Makeupalley, it's probably the new formula.
I can't wait to try it. It's my first foundation from Revlon. I know I should get the Colorstay foundation because it's the best seller foundation from Revlon that ady approved by lots of beauty blogger. Well, I will get it later, bcoz now I have shopping list that I really eager to get.
I can't wait for Saturday to meet my bf and shopping with him ! xD
Btw, I want to show a pic about my hauls from 2 weeks in Malaysia =p

If I show them all together u can see how many stuffs that I bought xD I got a brush for eyeliner too that I bought in Sasa, next to the NYX lipsticks. and I only need 2 weeks to get 15 pcs blushers, crazy huh ?
Ok, that's all from me, hope u enjoy it :D How about u ? What u get this week ?
Share with me :D

Meri L


ms.iu said...

omg!! that's alot...huhuhu

cant wait to read the review ;)

puss.in.heels said...

So you don't get a lot of brands in Indonesia.*shrugs* At least you have Bourjois, NYX and that new revlon foundie (I want!! Drool!)I'm going to pack my bags and move to Indonesia... I can't live in a country with no NYX! :P