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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Revlon New Complexion Fluid Foundation review

description :
For completely undetectable coverage. The lightweight formula gives you perfectly smooth, even-toned skin that breathes.
Oil-free, irritant-free, and won't clog pores.

I had tried this 2 times, with and without primer. Both of them had perfect result. Love it.
I will tell u why.
When I pour out onto my palm, it felt that the texture was kinda thick, I had bad feeling that it's not gonna be good (cakey). But once put it on my face using my brush, it glided smoothly and it didn't feel thick. I could see that my face looked instantly brighter and fresher. I love it, I had no problem with cakeyness at all.
While for coverage, yes, it has good coverage as I saw myself in the mirror that was not necessary to put concealer anymore. Furthermore, I'm not a fan of concealer.
If u are questioning about the oil control, since my skin is not that oily, I could not say a lot. And I spend my time mostly indoor. But at least, it didn't make me look oily.
I keep saying the good thing, that how about the cons ? The packaging, same like Colorstay, no air pump bottle. It's kinda troublesome, as when I pour out, I probably accidentally pour too much.
Well, with a very cheap price and all the good things that I love, I think I could bare with it. For me, it's like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 but the cheaper version.
I would give points 4.5 from 5.
FYI, mine is the old one. They have the another one which is new formula with different packaging. What I read from Makeupalley, they prefer the old version. Too bad, it's a bit difficult to find. I hope Revlon Indonesia will keep this great foundation.


ms.iu said...

wonder why..this is not avail in M'sia..? huhuuh

puss.in.heels said...

I'm so jealous, I want this foundie!! I bet if it's sold in M'sia it'll be more expensive! Don't know why this is not sold in M'sia. Seriously, Revlon M'sia needs to get a clue!! :(