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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My first La Femme blushers haul

La Femme blusher, I knew about this blusher from someone who wanted to get it so badly. I tried to google what the good thing about this blusher is. Unfortunately, I could not find lots of information. But mostly blogger said it's very pigmented. Since I'm a blusher maniac, I decided to order some.
I only need 2 weeks until it reached me.
But I was dissapointed because 2 of those 3 blushers were shattered.
Then I had idea to move it to a jar, so it would be loose powder blusher.

I got Pink Velvet, Coral Spice and Stormy Rose. I love all of them. The colors look so bright and I never have bring pink before. But once, I put it on my face, it's so pretty =)
It's quite long lasting, while for the texture, it's not as smooth as NARS. Overall, it's a good blusher and with that price, I certainly want to get more.
Is there anyone got La Femme blusher too ? Share with me what color u got and how do u find it =)

Meri L


Shuu said...

I tried one in Indian Rose before as I got it as an extra from a swap. It is heavily pigmented, I agree.. But I think I got the wrong shade lol It was way too dark

Perricone MD-Ashley said...

I haven't used blusher in years! Reading this make me want to go out and try some right now!

Meri L said...

Shuu : It's a bit difficult though to choose from the site. There are only few swatches of La Femme blushers that I could find.

Perricone MD-Ashley : LOL. Watch out, u might addict to it, just like me xD