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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lovely gifts from the loveliest

Hehe, not sure if got that such kind of word, loveliest =p
It doesn't matter, bcoz in my post here, I have lots of thing to share.
So yesterday, I was going to meet my bf and I reached the shopping mall at 10.30. So early, huh ? But then, my bf had not reached the place yet since it;s quite far from his house.
So, I decided to kill my time with browsing to MAC Counter. A sales assistant name's Eva greeted me, she's quite friendly so I asked her this and that.
I asked about the prices of the brushes, then start from there we talked a lot. I told her that MAC Malaysia is much cheaper and mostly I bought MAC there. She share with me lots of things that I didn't know before.
First, MAC Indonesia is franchise, different with MAC M'sia which is under Estee Lauder Company. Bcoz of that reason, MAC Indonesia doesn't have MAC Pro Member.
Second, MAC Indonesia could not follow all those collections, which mostly launch every month. Because MAC Indonesia has to register all those product to BPOM, an organization from government who check about the safety, etc.
Third, MAC Pro member in US got 40% discount, correct me if I'm wrong.
Fourth, MAC Hong Kong is the cheapest among all Asia countries.
I got lots of acknowledge from her and she served me well, so I decide to get something. Honestly, I ady had my shopping list. MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon and Well Dressed. But when I swatched it, Well Dresses is too light. So I took Pink Swoon. While she was serving other customer, I browsed the counter and I found Pinch O Peach on the display and I asked for the tester so I could swatch on my hand.
It's a nice and lovely color so I decided to take it.
Seems like two items were not enough for me, kept browsing and I remembered that I need something for my eyebrows. I want it to look neat and nice, she suggested me the MAC Brow Shader.
She tried it on me and I love it. After another half hour, my bf came and bought it for me as my b'day gifts. A bit late, but it's better than nothing.
Yesterday we had great time, we talked a lot and shopped a lot =p
Here's my haul

MAC Pink Swoon, Pinch O Peach and Brow Shader in Walnut/Ivory.
2 brushes which have good quality, love it. I bought this for Brow Shader.
2 lipsticks from Maybelline, Naturally Nude and Revlon, Pink In the Afternoon.

Overall, I really love with what I got and I will diet for the rest of August. I ady have something in my mind for September shopping list :)
Btw, I got good news from the SA, Make Up Art collection will be launched in Indonesia in September, I will ask her to reserve for me the 2 blushers.
That's all from me. I want to enjoy me new stuffs :)

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