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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I can't get enough with blusher ;)

I am really crazy about blusher. For someone who has fair to light skin tone, it is necessary to have blusher. At least, for me because I love how a girl look with blusher.
Everytime I go to any makeup counter , I will look for the blusher.
And in these hauls, which I did in different day, I got myself blushers from brands that I never tried before.
Shu Uemura and Make Up Store.

If u do read my previous post, my first makeup from Shu would be these blushers.
I got myself M Red 15 and P Red 14. Adorable yet challenging and sophisticated color. I never got red color for blusher before. However, I need to be careful since I have light skin tone, or else I will be end up look like a clown. These blushers are very smooth yet pigmented. I love them and even though it's more expensive than MAC, it's worth it.
While for Make Up Store, I have Sugar Muffin, such a lovely color. I love Make Up Store blushers, they are pretty. It's more expensive than MAC, RM 79. But the contain is lesser than MAC Powder blush. However, This blusher is really nice and it does show the color. So for RM 79 it's paid off.
Lucky that we have it in Indonesia, so I can get another blusher from them. It's been a long time I didn't shop in Indonesia, now it's the time ;) LOL
And just for extra information, I asked the SA of Make Up Store and she told me they have the membership that I can use world wide, Rm 50 for one year.

Meri L


ms.iu said...

wowiee... Meri.. u are blush queen!!

Shuu said...

A girl can never has too many blushers :P
I love Shu Uemura blush. In fact it's my very first blush, mine is in P Pink 30. Yes, they are more expensive compared to MAC, yet it takes me forever to finish that one. Seriously huge and pigmented. I usually use my skunk brush for the application.

amynaree said...

i'm a blush addict too! haha can never get enough of them

smiley13tree said...

The packaging looks so pretty! I'm sure they will be beautiful.

Meri L said...

ms.iu : hehe I can't stop myself to buy more n more xD

Shuu : yes u r right ;)I never use skunk brush for blusher unless it's cream blush. Wondering where I can get it in Indonesia. MAC is way too expensive -.-' Crown Brush skunk brush is sucks.

amynaree :Woo hoo my partner in crime xD Show us ur blush collection ;)

smiley13tree : They are pretty :) Give urself a try ;)