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Monday, July 6, 2009

Blushers Collection

Yay, finally I can show my blusher collection to all of u. I borrowed my sister's camera and I think it's much better than all the pics that I posted here before.
Btw, I know my collection is still by far from all makeup lover out there who probably have 50 pcs or more. But, I bought things that I love and I want to share with u all. I am happy with what I got. And for sure, I will add my collection soon. Not now though, I am on shopping diet hehe..
So, here it is

Yups, that's all what I got. Not many right ? I have 26 blushers from various brands.

  • 8 pcs blushers from MAC
  • 3 pcs from NARS
  • 2 pcs from Ulta
  • 2 pcs from Etude
  • 2 pcs from Revlon
  • 2 pcs from NYX
  • 4 pcs from L'oreal
  • 1 pc from Boots
  • 1 pc from Niche
  • 1 from Maybelline
Btw, the one that is from Niche, is made by Japan. At least, that's all I know from the packaging. The color is so pigmented yet pretty. When I want to use this, I need a light hand or else, I will end up look like a clown. It's very cheap; Rp 60,000 or RM 20. I'm planning to get other color =)
So, how about urs ? How many blushers u have ? Do share with me. I would like to know and pls recommend me a very great blush the brand together with the color.
Thanks ^^

Meri L


AmY-AdLi said...

wow... there's a lot of blushers !!
i only hv 3 blushers from MAC and CS blush palette.. that's all..

ms.iu said...

wowieee so many blushers....among all, what's ur fav dear??!! ;)hihii

ning * star said...

oh.... i'm currently addicted with blushes... haha xD
u have a lot of great blush <3

Meri L said...

AmY-AdLi : I read ur blog and I thought u will have more blushers than me ! Well actually 3 from MAC n CS blush palette are more than enough. But u know girls, never satisfy and like to shop =p

ms.iu : Humm...I think I love MAC Mineralize Blush, Dainty. I havent tried NARS yet though, maybe it will be my favorite after that =p

ning * star : Thanks Ning :)I love blusher so much,so I addicted to it all the time, LOL xD Maybe one day u can show to us ur collection ;)

Vonvon said...

wow!! that's a lot of blushers! I don't think i have even a quarter of the amount of blushers you have, but after all, I am not a blusher person... ;)

eclecticsatire said...

Nice blush collection! :D I am currently addicted to blushes. LOL! Can't seem to stop checking out blushes whenever I am at the drugstore or departmental stores. :P


Julienne said...

Hey hun! Thanks for the welcome back haha. I know I've been sooo busy- sorry about that! Your blusher collection looks AMAZING. I love collecting blush too. :) I don't know how many I have, but I'm afraid to find out, lol. Is any of those nars blushers "Deep Throat"? I absolutely love that colour. I carry it with me everywhere I go, haha.

my_makeup_mania said...

Wow! Just wow! So many blushes! Great collection!

Meri L said...

Vonvon : LOL. Some of us may prefer lipstick or eyeshadow. I think u love u eyeshadow, am I right ? :p

ecleticsatire : Ya, I read ur blog and I am so jealous to see ur Gransenbon haul >.<

Julienne : I dont have Deep Throat, mine is Gilda, DOlce Vita and Torrid ;)

my_makeup_mania : Thanks dear :D