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Thursday, July 23, 2009

MAC haul =)

Finally, after been so curious with Colour Craft collection, I managed to see and swatch by myself. I went to Mid Valley to get my Mineralize Blush, Fad Dabulous and Style Demon. I really love it =) They both look pretty when I swatch on my hand and I hope it will look nice on my cheek.
Improvise and Daft Pink are really pretty when u see from the pan, but when u swatch, euww it's more to highlighter than a blusher for me. Definetly I prefer the permanent mineralize blush, such as Gentle and Dainty.
While for MSF, I love Triple Fusion and Sunny by Nature, but I didn't get it as I have to save my money to buy things for parents. Sunny by Nature is really nice to use for shading. Used to MSF Smooth Merge is in my wish list, but not anymore, I think it's just like any other pink with shimmer. However, I didn't get back home in empty hand, I bought 2 powder blushes =) Both of them were not in my wishlist, but I was interested with them. I was too eager to get myself Pinch Me and Springsheen. Too bad Pinch Me is OOS.
I also swatched some of the powder blush that I am interested too, Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Dame, Well Dressed and Coygirl. Blah, I hate Pink Swoon and Coygirl. Boring. But I do love Mocha =) I would definitely get this one once I make my own money.
So finally, I add some of my blusher and MAC collection.
Im happy :) A big thanks to Amy :)
How about u ? Anything that makes u happy ? Maybe u just got something that u want for a long time and it's on sale ? Share with me.

Meri L


AmY-AdLi said...

today im happy n also sad..
happy b/c i got my wishlist stuff..
sad b/c i have no money anymore..
i dont want to go to mac anymore... haha...

btw.. u r soo beautiful..

Meri L said...

LOL. We should be careful everytime we go to MAC, always make us feel want to buy this and that :p
What's in ur wish list ? Is it the MSF Smooth Merge ? Happy for u too :)

Thanks for the compliment :">

AmY-AdLi said...

msf smooth merge i already got it last week.. haha..

my wishlist full of brushes... haha

Meri L said...

Ayaya I forgot u ady got the smooth merge.
Me too want to grab some brushes, but haiz..it's not cheap -.-'